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UF Gators, FSU Seminoles, UCF Knights Football - Family Divided

Updated on December 11, 2017
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Linda (Kaywood) Bilyeu is a self-published author. Her books are available on Amazon. She writes from the heart—there is no other way.

Mixed Up Grand-Twins (August 2011)
Mixed Up Grand-Twins (August 2011) | Source

Are We Ready For Some Football?

The 2011 College Football Season is almost upon us. My mixed up family will begin their battle of the wits, their football puns and their rambling rants! My family is divided upon the Seminoles, the Gators and the UCF Knights! Some are doing the Gator chomp while others are doing the Seminole chop or singing the Knight fight song.

Then we have those who couldn't care less and just shake their heads until the Bowl Games are over. When two people get married and cheer for opposing universities they become a mixed marriage, a house divided or like mine, a mixed up family.

Dave is a diehard, to the core, FSU Seminole fan. He's an FSU alumini who played Freshman football in 1969. He met and shook hands with the great Burt Reynolds, while hanging out with a buddy in the booster box. His wife Sunshine is a Nole and Knight fan and serves as a referee who helps keep the mixed up family under control.

Michael is a Noles fan. Maybe because his Dad is and that's what he's used to, but either way he says GO NOLES! Nichole isn't a fan of either. I'm thinking that Nathan will most likely be a Noles fan. He could follow is his dad's and granddad's footsteps but Nathan is one years old so he can go either way.

Michelle is a University of Central Florida (UCF) graduate but she goes both ways. She's a Knight and Gator fan. David is a UF Graduate and is going for his Masters. These newlyweds live, work and attend school in Gainesville. They are season ticket holders and will attend the home games. They enjoy the cocky Gator fans. (I mean that in the nicest way!)

Jon is a UCF alumni. He's more of an NFL fan. He cheers on the Knights and the Noles. Carissa is a Knights fan but doesn't really care. Faith enjoys being the family cheerleader. She cheers on whichever team is winning. Whether it's the Noles, Knights or Gators she's got her pom-pom's and cheers ready to go!

Erin and Jeremy are a mixed marriage. Erin is a Gator fan and Jeremy is a Nole fan. They have twin daughters. They wear both Nole and Gator outfits. With Mackenzie and Lorelei only being 7 months old they haven't yet begun to bicker about which team is better. I'm sure in time that will come.

So there you go ... Family Divided!

UPDATE 2017: Michelle and David welcomed James to their team. He became an official Gator fan at 1 week old.

Erin and Jeremy welcomed Cat and Emma to their team. Jeremy is outnumbered!

Carissa and Jon welcomed Lily to their team. Faith now has a partner in crime.

Dave passed away in 2015, but Sunshine continues to cheer on his beloved Noles.

For members of the family who aren't into the football games...

Things you could do:

1 - Offer a shoulder or back rub, cheering and booing tightens the muscles.
2 - Prepare some delicious food and serve the football fanatics in a cute apron with the team logo.
3 - Go shopping, read a book, watch a movie ... get used to the solo time until the season ends.
4 - Make sure their game shirt is clean or dirty, to each his own.
5 - Chill the beer, salt the nuts, fluff the pillows and be sure the TV screen is blemish free.

Things not to do:

1 - Do not stand in front of the TV with a honey-do list NOT a good time for that.
2 - Don't yell fire while preparing the delicious food, just call the Fire Dept!
3 - Don't set the clocks back. Game time is mentally implanted in their brains.
4 - Don't choice gameday to plan that perfect family outing. Come on, that will NOT work.
5 - Don't ask important questions. You probably won't get a relevant response.

Mixed Up Marriages With Houses Divided

May 13, 2011 ... Dave, Linda...Michael, Nichole, Nathan....David and Michelle....Jon, Carissa and Faith....Jeremy, Erin, Mackenzie and Lorelei
May 13, 2011 ... Dave, Linda...Michael, Nichole, Nathan....David and Michelle....Jon, Carissa and Faith....Jeremy, Erin, Mackenzie and Lorelei | Source

Which team are you a fan of?

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Best College Football Pump Up Video

Tim Tebow - Motivate Me Monday

© 2011 Linda Bilyeu


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