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Fabricio Werdum Knocks Out Mark Hunt With A Nasty Knee At UFC 180.

Updated on November 16, 2014
Fabricio Werdum vs Mark Hunt at UFC 180
Fabricio Werdum vs Mark Hunt at UFC 180

Fabricio Werdum continued his climb up the heavyweight ranks by scoring an epic knockout of Mark Hunt at UFC 180. History was made that night as this was the UFC's first trip to the country of Mexico. With this victory, Werdum at long last has a UFC championship belt around his waist. He is now the UFC heavyweight interim champion, and will most likely face current champ Cain Velasquez for the main championship belt.

Werdum's victory did not come easy, as Mark Hunt gave him serious trouble for the first couple minutes of the fight. Hunt caught Werdum with several hard shots, one of which dropped Werdum to the canvas within the first couple of minutes. Werdum was able to recover immediately, but Hunt looked to have the early momentum on his side. At certain times Hunt was seriously head-hunting, looking for that one shot that could put any man down. While Werdum was able to dodge most of those shots, he did get caught with a bunch of them. The action was back and forth and Werdum threw a few body kicks and attempted some spinning back kicks that just missed the mark. The action was very good for a heavyweight fight, each fighter engaging equally.

Out of the blue, Werdum catches Hunt with a nasty knee to the face as Hunt is coming in. He catches him flush, right on the chin, and Hunt drops immediately to the canvas. Hunt is stunned and Werdum swarms him, reigning down punch after punch directly to his face. Referee Herb Dean gave Hunt several chances to defend himself and recover, but Werdum just continued landing punches without any response, so the ref jumped in and stopped the fight. Fabricio Werdum is the winner and now the UFC Heavyweight Interim Champion.

Werdum finally wears UFC gold.
Werdum finally wears UFC gold.

Based on last night's performance and end result, there of course will be questions. First and foremost, would Werdum's performance last night have been good enough to defeat Cain Velasquez? Is Werdum's fighting style a bad match-up for Velasquez? Is Cain's cardio output too much for Werdum to handle? These and many other questions shall be answered soon as Werdum is now next in line for a title shot against Cain Velasquez. We will have to wait to find out when this fight is taking place as Velasquez is still recovering from a sidelining injury. MMA fans have not seen Werdum in action since April of 2014 when he defeated Travis Browne by decision. After seeing this impressive victory over the durable and experienced Mark Hunt, I'm sure fight fans are even more anxious than ever to see Werdum in the cage with Velasquez.


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