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Facts and Trivia Highlighting Manchester United's 600 EPL Wins

Updated on March 21, 2017
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With 3-1 victory over Middlesbrough, Manchester United became the first team to win 600 games in Premier League. And it's no surprise given the amount of success they have in the Premier League Era. Here are a few facts highlighting this great achievement.

  • 1st Win (1992-93) - Manchester United started their Premier League innings with back-to back defeats and a draw. It was not until the Gameweek 4 when positioned at 20, Manchester United registered their first PL win against Southampton.
  • 100th Win (1996-97) - En route to their PL title in 4 years, Manchester United registered their 100th PL win playing against Leeds United with the scoreline of 1-0.
  • 200th Win (2000-01) - Another Milestone. Another Title. A 3-1 win against Everton landed Manchester United their 200th PL win. They went on to win their 7th PL title the same season.
  • 300th Win (2004-05) - With Arsenal and Chelsea fighting the battle of wits, Manchester United was a mere spectator in the title race. It did not stop them from registering their 300th win however, a 3-0 thrashing of Southampton.
  • 400th Win (2008-09) - A hat-trick of titles also see Manchester United registering their 400th PL win, a nerve-biting 4-3 win over Hull City.
  • 500th Win (2011-12) - The bitterest of the milestones. On the final day of 2011-12 season, Manchester United won 1-0 against Sunderland, only to see arch rivals Manchester City clinching the title on goal difference.
  • 600th win (2016-17) - For the first time in the Premier League history, Manchester United are looking at going 4 seasons without a title. Still they became the first team to register 600 PL wins.

The following statistics only include the clubs to have featured in every edition of the Premier League.

Most Wins

  • Manchester United - 600 wins in 951 games
  • Arsenal - 517 wins in 951 games
  • Chelsea - 508 wins in 952 games
  • Liverpool - 472 wins in 953 games
  • Tottenham - 391 wins in 952 games
  • Everton - 346 wins in 953 games

Peter Schmeichel is the most successful Manchester United goalkeeper
Peter Schmeichel is the most successful Manchester United goalkeeper

Least Defeats

  • Manchester United - 147 defeats in 951 games
  • Arsenal - 188 defeats in 951 games
  • Chelsea - 203 defeats in 952 games
  • Liverpool - 240 defeats in 953 games
  • Tottenham - 314 defeats in 952 games
  • Everton - 332 defeats in 953 games

Most Points

  • Manchester United - 2004 points in 951 games
  • Arsenal - 1797 points in 951 games
  • Chelsea - 1765 points in 952 games
  • Liverpool - 1657 points in 953 games
  • Tottenham - 1420 points in 952 games
  • Everton - 1313 points in 953 games

Wayne Rooney has been the top scorer for Manchester United in Premier League
Wayne Rooney has been the top scorer for Manchester United in Premier League

Most Goals Scored

  • Manchester United - 1844 goals scored with a goal difference of 1003
  • Arsenal - 1677 goals scored with a goal difference of 776
  • Chelsea - 1619 goals scored with a goal difference of 706
  • Liverpool - 1584 goals scored with a goal difference of 604
  • Tottenham - 1375 goals scored with a goal difference of 149
  • Everton - 1248 goals scored with a goal difference of 55

Favourite Team - Aston Villa

Manchester United have defeated Aston Villa 34 times in 48 PL games, making them their favourite whipping boys. Everton are 2nd with 33 defeats in 49 games and Tottenham are third with 32 defeats in 49 games.

Fun Fact: It could have been Everton if it wasn't for 'The Chosen One'.

Arch Nemesis - Chelsea

Chelsea is the only team to have a better face-to-face PL record against Manchester United. The two teams have faced each other 49 times with Chelsea enjoying 17 wins to Manchester United's 13. And with United still not over Sir Alex Ferguson, the record is expected to get worse.

Can Arsenal or Chelsea surpass Manchester United in number of PL wins?

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      Sam Dreiberg 10 months ago from India

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