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Falcons Triumphant over Rams and Elks

Updated on September 10, 2015

As always, thanks to Allen Davis of InAction Photography for the photos. Full credit given to him for all photos. Check out his website.






Defining the Team

At some point in every season there is that one moment that defines the character of the team. Lots of times this moment is a big play in a key game, but in the case of the Falcons' soccer team it was at dinner after the Elkin game.

The Falcons had just came away from a match in which the team was in complete control riding high from the 9-0 victory over Elkin. The team stopped at Theos to eat pizza and wings. As the food arrived at the table, one of the players most commonly referred to as Milsap took it upon himself to bless the food. Each member of the team put his own personal views aside and bowed his head. "We are thankful for our health and this food....Amen", loosely summarized. At which point the players went back to joking and laughing about the day's events.

Moment over. Falcons defined as a team that gets the big picture. Soccer is a game; a game that the Falcons are starting to play very well.

Forbush entered its contest with the Elks on a five game winning streak in which it had surrendered zero goals and outscored its opponent 18-0. The Elks were in the midst of a losing streak, so the match paired two teams headed in opposite directions. The Falcons pushed the Elks from the opening kickoff, and forced turnovers in dangerous positions on the field. The Elks sunk in to weather the storm, but could only hold the Falcons off the scoreboard for about ten minutes.

Joshua Sisk and Edgar De La Sancha teamed up on a corner kick that ended with a rocket into the top corner of the goal to give the Falcons a 1-0 lead. The Falcons continued to probe the Elkin defense for holes. Micah "Millsap" Cranfill found one of those holes in the center of the box, and calmly placed the ball in the roof of the goal. That goal broke the spirit of the Elkin team, but the best was yet to come for the Falcons. Within minutes of each other, Joshua Sisk and Micah Cranfill hit in the inside of the post from similar field positions to put the game out of reach for Elkin. Now, at 4-0 it was only about game management.

Edgar De La Sancha added a goal just before half to make it 5-0. In the second half, Kevin Hernandez, Ryan Miller, Brad Clark and Ricardo Osorio contributed to make the final score 9-0.

On Wednesday night, the Falcons put the winning streak back on the line against the Rams of Starmount. Starmount came into the match with a 4-1 record and its only loss coming at the hands of Surry Central.

In the early going, Starmount had more possession in the midfield as it pushed numbers forward into the attack. Forbush was able to catch Starmount off guard a couple of times, but neither team could break into the scoring column until midway through the first half. Edgar De La Sancha found himself in a good spot behind the left back of Starmount with space to attack. Without hesitation, he let fire with a shot to the far post that was just out of the reach of Hunter Johnson to give the Falcons the lead.

The goal seemed to rattle the Rams, and the Falcons took advantage of their confusion. Two more goals came in a flash to give the Falcons a 3-0 lead as Ryan Miller and Schuyler Eldridge found the back of the net. That lead held until the end of the first half when Salomon Maya was able to get to his left foot and pound a shot into the side net to bring the Rams back into the game.

In the second half, the Falcons caught a break as a Rams' defender committed a foul in the box. Ryan Miller was able to regain the three goal advantage from the spot and swing the momentum back to the Falcons. Momentum would switch two more times. First for Starmount as Jeyson Pineda curled a nice shot inside the far post to cut the lead back to two goals at 4-2. Then, Forbush stole it right back as Ricardo Osorio finished off a nifty ball into the corner to extend the lead. The Falcons added another goal to make the final score 6-2 and keep the winning streak alive.

Both programs are doing well this year, and the two coaches have a mutual respect for each other. "I like what Coach Zamora is doing with his team", said Coach Davis. "He has them buying in to his system and working hard. They are going to do well this year."

He continued, "For us, we are just trying to improve. We are weeks ahead of where I thought we would be at this point in the season. I am proud of this team for many reasons, but mostly for the way it conducts itself on and off the field."

The Falcons will finally be back home next Monday against Greensboro Dudley High School. Good luck Falcons!

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