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Fantasy Fight Wrestling--Main Hub

Updated on July 20, 2011

Welcome To Fantasy Fight Wrestling


Welcome Fight Fans!

Welcome to Fantasy Fight Wrestling, where we solve great debates of fighting using the best statistical fighting engine ever created, Fire Pro Wrestling. Sure, you think that Andre the Giant could beat Bruce Lee, or Batman could beat Rocky Balboa; but how do you really know? We're here to find out, by plugging our favorite real life wrestlers and fighters alongside popular fantasy characters into Fire Pro Wrestling's computer. We find out who'd really take home a victory, and who'd get taken home in a box. Enjoy the science and carnage of Fantasy Fight Wrestling.

Fantasy Fight Wrestling is sponsored in part by:


Meet the Color Commentary:

Fantasy Fight Wrestling's very own color talent is here to give it to you straight.

Phil D. Snutts

Ryder DyBytch

Ryder DyBytch, Junior color commentator for Fantasy Fight Wrestling.
Ryder DyBytch, Junior color commentator for Fantasy Fight Wrestling.

Phil D. Snutts, is not your average commentator, he pulls no punches and calls 'em like he sees, from jabrones to ham-n-eggers. Phil has a PhD in BS, and an MBA in BSA.

Ryder DyBytch, has a lust for life. She describes herself as "born to drink, fight and fornicate". Ryder loves all forms of martial arts and pugilistic competition, and believes that violence IS the answer.

Phil hopes that one day while traveling, Ryder will get drunk enough to break him off a piece of that cookie. Ryder hopes that while traveling outside the US, Phil will be pressed into service by international pirates.

Ryder enjoys Phil's "tell it like it is" attitude, while Phil enjoys the arousal Ryder gets from watching fighters kick the hell out of each other.

Phil and Ryder are here to give you the low-down on the throw down. You can find them both on Facebook, as well as a fan page for Fanstasy Fight Wrestling.

Phil D. Snutts

Ryder DyBytch

Fantasy Fight Wrestling

Computer Generated Fighters Vs. Fantasy Favorites

There are two basic types of fighters in Fantasy Fight Wrestling, computer generated models and user created models.

Both types of fighter models use a ten point scale to rate the following attributes of each fighter:




POWER--------------------------------------------FLYING (LEAPING/LUCHA)
ARM POWER-------------------------------------LARIAT


The difference between the computer generated models and our home brewed fighters is twofold. First of all, we can't see the data for the computer generated fighters. They were pre-programmed on the game. The only way to get an idea of their stats is to pit them against each other and observe the results. Secondly, the computer generated fighters have a natural advantage over fan created fantasy fighters. The computer based fighters were programmed to be challenging, so they tend to have an advantage when fighting a fan created warrior.


We are currently working on accurate computer avatars of stars from new wrestling federation, Pro Wrestling Evolution. Check out these talented fighters at EVO's website and YouTube channel.

 We're big fans of this new force in professional wrestling here at FFW, and we're looking forward to seeing how the EVO boys stack up to the greats of wrestling, past and present. Find out more on our Pro Wrestling Evolution hubpage, and at their Facebook.



Pro Wrestling EVO: Life As We Know It

Check out our Sister hub which lists the computer generated fighters and stats, we refer to as the Pro Federations.


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