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Fantasy Football Advice From a Non-Expert; Heed Warning

Updated on September 15, 2013

My Current Roster

Feel free to mimic this squad, they're churning out pretty nicely so far.
Feel free to mimic this squad, they're churning out pretty nicely so far.

80% Luck, 20% skill

Fantasy football; people all over the country stress over it, analyze every single detail, check preseason rankings from "professionals", listen to all the top sports guys, when in reality, thats not necessarily what it takes. Granted, I am no expert, I am 4-4 in the fantasy leagues I have joined taking first place in each and I for one do zero preparation. People think that the more you prepare the better you'll do maybe, but I think it starts with some simple "scam" like tactics. I will review them with you now and maybe you'll agree.

1.) Quarterbacks - people are always saying don't take quarterbacks first. Why? The quarterback has the ball every play and virtually controls the game right under the coach of the team. Why let good quarterbacks sit when you can scoop them up. So I say not only take em early, but take a bunch. Then you will have a good leader of the team as well as scoop up some really good trade bait, or backups in case your number one goes down.

2.) Pre-Draft rankings - alot of people like to disregard pre-draft rankings and try to make sleeper picks or picks that people aren't expecting that fit into their grand scheme. There is a reason the player is pre ranked so high, TAKE HIM. Don't pass, every now and then you get a bust but hey, fantasy football is gambling so thats a risk you have to take.

3.) Players who were injured- NEVER EVER doubt a player who didn't play a lot the previous season due to injury. In my experience these players come back better 75% of the time AND you can get them pretty late in the draft. My best example is picking up Adrian peterson for the 2012 season, I had first draft pick and I took him in the second round. The rest is history from there.

4.) Kickers- Everyone always hypes up the RBs. While the RB is definitely a cornerstone to your team you're not going to win with just one or two good running backs. My motto is having a full team of players who can at any time scratch me a good 10-17 points not just having a big three who are known to get 20+. This strategy levels off your team and makes sure when your big player doesn't come through that someone is there to pick up the slack.

5.) Waivers/Free Agents- Definitely my most used tactic is constantly switching my team (if you play no limit of course) If you can add and drop week after week you're guaranteed to pick up some guys who are hot and in most cases the guy you drop you can get right back the next week. For some reason (unless its a completely mindless drop of an Aaron rodgers caliber player) players that get dropped don't get scooped up so quickly. Make it a point to use the watch list feature and add and drop to your little hearts desire. A team doesn't have to be a permanent death sentence, you can change it up.

To all the fantasy football pros who may disagree, this is just a non-experts opinion on a little game that we like to over analyze. Like I said 4-4 in championships when I've made some interesting moves that were doubted and scoffed at, so who knows...maybe I'm onto something.


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