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Fantasy Football Stradegy

Updated on July 18, 2014

The fantasy football season is on its way. People are planning their strategies and they are wondering whom to draft first. You have t remember that the first round of any fantasy draft can only help you lose; it will not make a difference if you win. A common fantasy football strategy is to pick specific players at a specific time, for example; you pick Adrian Peterson or Jamaal Charles with your first round pick. Your second round pick you select Ray Rice. Each round you target a specific player or players, this is a solid strategy, but will it win you a championship? You have a decent chance, but there is a different type of strategy, that can win a championship, but it is a high risk, high reward strategy. Instead of picking specific players for spots on your team, you pick players that will score points for that round.

Your first five players that you pick need to average between fourteen to twenty points a week. It does not matter the name of the player, your only concern that need to worry about is the points that your player will average.

The next five players should average between ten and fifteen points a week. Some of these players will fill depth of other players that you picked. You want to prepare your team for serious injuries. You do not want to pick your defense in this set of five because defenses are never consistent from one season to the next and you cannot rely on the points that you will receive.

Your last final picks are going to fill out your roster. The player that you are picking with these picks will generally be the defense, kicker and tight end. They will average between zero and ten points a week. You may get more points, but they are not consistent points.

The last part of this strategy involves scouring the waiver wire every week. You have to be looking for that diamond in the rough. An example in 2013 was the emergence of Zac Stacy. He went undrafted in many leagues and then wound up averaging double-digit fantasy points for the season, although he did not play in the first part of the season, once he got playing time he made the most of his opportunity.

The way to the super bowl is always done with planning. Your fantasy super bowl is no different. With a little bit of luck and a whole lot of preparedness you can win your championship repeatedly.

© 2014 Robert Beyer


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    • Fred Arnold profile image

      Fred Arnold 3 years ago from Clearwater, FL

      Interesting topic! Except... It is kind of a bland hub. And Strategy is spelled wrong in the title. (Unsure if that is purposeful or not) You definitely could liven this hub up a bit with some pictures, etc. As I said, it is a good and engaging topic.