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Fantasy Football let downs

Updated on October 9, 2009

Drew Brees

 Drew Brees, 'fantasy slump,' undoubtedly two of a certain mismatch as far as topic relativetity is concerned and doesn't really sound right in the same sentence, certainly not the case is it?

I mean, in a week one performance against the 1- win Detroit Lions, Brees posted a flawless performance throwing for 6 TDs and earned me 36 fantasy points (if I recall correctly). I tied that week because I went for top ranked passers Drew Brees and Phillip Rivers and neglected to focus my attention on accquiring a reliable fantasy backfield when I drafted all rookies *note* Denver's Knowshon Moreno, 49er's Glenn Coffee, Raiders' Michael Bush and fumble proned Cardinal's RB Beanie Wells. By week two, I was certain Brees was on pace to redeem my week one subpar performance by my running backs and earn me at least enough points to let my wide recievers, Minnissotta's Percy Harvin, the Eagle's Deshaun Jackson, Green Bay's Greg Jennings and Patriot's reciever, Randy Moss push me over the hump. My tight ends are a notable threat as well when I drafted Atlanta's Tony Gonzales and the Giant's Kevin Boss. 

Brees credited 22 fantasy points in week 2 when he threw for 3 TDs against a stout Eagle's defense at Lincoln Financial field in Philadelphia.

 Again however, my backfield fell drastically short earning a combined total of 17 points (bench included) with Knowshon Moreno scoring the highest with an individual 9 point performance. Phillip Rivers scored 22 fantasy points, tying with Brees that week gaining some much needed trust from the bench as I lossed when recievers Randy Moss and Greg Jennings scraped up just TWO combined points.

 By this time as a fantasy owner, I can relate to what NFL team owners Daniel Snyder of the Washington Redskins and Raider's Al Davis must feel, 'a bunch of vested trust in big name players with no production.' Week 3: Drew Brees and the Saints visited Buffalo in a game in which I was sure Brees would quiet the, then, fiesty and somewhat confident Bills defense. Well, not only did he not throw a touchdown in that game but he earned me a lackluster 4 fantasy points. Phillip Rivers on the other hand earned a solid 17 points from the bench. And just to add injury to insult, my backfield held it's ground finally with Moreno and Coffee combining for a total of 21 points. Ok, an unlikely performance from Brees slipped by and couldn't possibly carry into a week 4 showdown with rookie QB sensation Mark Sanchez and the Jets.

I did however have speculation about that Jets-Saints game, especially factoring in that Brees would be facing a Rex Ryan defense that wasn't yielding much to the passing game at that point early in the season and Phillip Rivers would be facing a sketchy Steelers defense. A big decision especially after starting my young fantasy season at a miserable 0-2-1 mark but I couldn't bank against Brees in a Sunday Night Football [potential] shootout and think he'd post a second straight touchdown drought in a game right?

Surprisingly he did, my prediction was correct and Brees failed to throw a touchdown for a second week in a row, and earned me only 7 points. While that incling I had telling me Rivers would be the guy, again, was correct and Rivers scored 20 from the bench. I lossed by 2 points, man if I would have only activated Rivers.

This week, Brees and Rivers both have bye weeks, thrusting my 3rd string QB Jason Campbell of the Washington Redskins into the starting role for week five.

Jason Campbell and the Washington Redskins visit the 0-3 Carolina Panthers in a game in which I hope Campbell realizes his job may be in jeopardy if he doesn't show and impress in D.C. while trying to guide a subpar Redskins offense to post a viable threat through the air against opposing defenses. The Redskins are my pick in that game and I can only hope Campbell is a major part in that win. Rookie 49er's RB Glenn Coffee will remain the starter in San Francisco while Frank Gore nurses an ankle injury as the niners face the Falcons who have yielded 300 yards rushing the last two weeks, I can only hope he'll be my week 5 fantasy 'X' factor player.

I guess when I look at it all, I can still feel pretty good about my chances the rest of the season to bounce back. Rivers and Brees look to be having a great season statistically so far, Moreno is coming into his own in Denver, Percy Harvin and Deshaun Jackson are safe keepers and Moss and Jennings are always a threat.

Besides, Brees wants that single season record he so narrowly missed in '08 for single season passing yards, right? I'll have plenty of time to determine my starting QB when Brees returns to face the Giants in New Orleans and Rivers takes on Denver in San Diego on MNF.

With that, for now, it looks as if Rivers is the safer bet with San Diego facing the Broncos, Chiefs and Raiders in weeks 6-8, while the Saints face the Giants, Dolphins and Falcons.

I hope my assumptions are correct!


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    • Drew Breezzy profile image

      Drew Breezzy 8 years ago from somewhere in my mind

      I am also forced to start Campell with Rivers on a bye.