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Fargo Wrestling Tournament

Updated on August 1, 2016

What is Fargo?

The toughest high school wrestling tournament in America. Everything you need to know about Fargo.

Let me paint the picture.

Wrestling is typically a Winter sport, but for the dedicated wrestlers that want to have an edge on the competition in the Winter wrestling is also a summer sport because there is Fargo.

Fargo North Dakota is known for two things, the movie "Fargo" and the Annual Freestyle and Greco Roman Wrestling National Championships that are held there each year.

Why Fargo?

Fargo is roughly in the middle of the country and so it makes it convenient, but it also has a great venue. They are able to put 25 mats on the floor of the Fargo Dome and wrestle 13,000 wrestling matches in only eight days.

As long as I can remember this tournament has been held in Fargo.

25 mats are packed comfortably on the football field inside the Fargo Dome at NDSU.
25 mats are packed comfortably on the football field inside the Fargo Dome at NDSU.

This is the toughest tournament in the country for high school age wrestlers.

2016 Fargo Wrestling Results

I can't fit all of the fargo results in this Hub. There were actually 13,000 matches wrestled so I created an entire section on my blog to cover the tournament. You can see complete results on my blog.

That said here are the Team Scores for Junior Freestyle Nationals.

1. Pennsylvania PA 58.0

2.Minnesota MN 52.0

3.Illinois IL 46.0

4.Michigan MI 39.0

5.Iowa IA 34.0

6.Missouri MO 30.0

7.Ohio OH 25.0

8.Arizona AZ 24.0

9.California CA 22.0

10.Colorado CO 21.0

11.Utah UT 21.0

12.Oklahoma OK 19.0

13.Indiana IN 17.0

14.Florida FL 15.0

15.Wisconsin WI 15.0

16.Virginia VA 14.0

17.New Jersey NJ 12.0

18.New York NY 11.0

19.Massachusetts MA 9.0

20.Oregon OR 8.0

21.Washington WA 8.0

22.Kansas KS 7.0

23.North Dakota ND 7.0

24.Connecticut CT 5.0

25.Montana MT 5.0

26.Georgia GA 4.0

27.Nevada NV 4.0

28.Louisiana LA 3.0

29.Maine ME 3.0

30.Texas TX 2.0

31.Alabama AL 0.0

32.Alaska AK 0.0

33.American In Europe AIE 0.0

34.Arkansas AR 0.0

35.Delaware DE 0.0

36.Hawaii HI 0.0

37.Idaho ID 0.0

38.Kentucky KY 0.0

39.Maryland MD 0.0

40.Nebraska NE 0.0

41.New Mexico NM 0.0

42.North Carolina NC 0.0

43.Puerto Rico 0.0

44.South Carolina SC 0.0

45.South Dakota SD 0.0

46.Tennessee TN 0.0

47.West Virginia WV 0.0

48.Wyoming WY 0.0

What to Expect at Fargo Wrestling Nationals

I can summarize fargo like this.

25 Mats, 8 Days, 7 Tournaments, 13,000 Matches. Nuff Said.

You will get to the tournament a day or two before the competition. You will practice and make weight at the Fargo Dome and in the training facility across the street. Then you will weigh in and wrestle, wrestle, wrestle.

It is typical for weights to have over 90 people. I've even seen them have over 100.

Many people who earn All-American honors will wrestle 11 times in each style.

Trading of singlets and other team gear is not only common it is a key portion of the "Fargo Experience."

How much does it cost?

Cost varies based on how far you have to travel and the arrangements that your state USA Wrestling Organization makes. That said plan on abou $1200 give or take.

#5 Colorado Fargo Results 2016

#4 2010 Fargo Highlights

"Summer camps make winter champs."

— Unknown

2016 Top 5 Cadet Greco Roman Wrestling Teams

1. Illinois 70.0
T2. Michigan 45.0
T2. Pennsylvania 45.0
4. Minnesota 34.0
5. Arizona 29.0

#3 Utah Wrestling Fargo Highlights

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#2 The Battle of Two Olympians - Cox vs Snyder

2016 Top 5 Junior Greco Roman Wrestling Teams

1. Illinois 72
2. Minnesota 38
3. Colorado 30
4. California 29
5. Oregon 29

#1 2013 Official Highlights

2016 Best Women's Wrestling Teams

1st Place - California A
2nd Place - Washington
3rd Place - Texas (Red)
4th Place - Wisconsin
5th Place - Illinois

Top 5 Fargo Wrestling Photos


2016 Best Cadet Men's Freestyle Wrestling Teams

1. Illinois 82.0
2. New Jersey 64.0
3. New York 42.0
4. Ohio 39.0
5. Iowa 38.0

"Fargo is where the Olympic Journey begins."

My Favorite Fargo Story

My favorite Fargo Wrestling Story comes from the last time that I was back at Fargo. It has been a few years.

What makes Fargo so great is the awesome match ups you get with future wrestling super stars.

This particular year Kyler Sanderson, brother of Cael Sanderson, Brent Metcalf from Iowa and Jaggers were all in the same weight. Sanderson went on to be a two time NCAA All American, Metcalf went on to win the NCAA wrestling tournament three times and Jaggers won it all two times. One of his titles was won on a broken ankle.

Brent Metcalf upset Jaggers, then Kyler Sanderson beat Metcalf and Jaggers beat Sanderson.

This caused it to go to points and Jaggers ended up winning the Junior National Championship.

There were some epic battles and they happen every year. In fact Kyle Snyder, 2015 World Champ and 2016 Olympian, wrestled J'Den Cox, 2016 NCAA Champ and 2016 Olympian, wrestled twice in Fargo. #epic

2016 Best Junior Men's Freestyle Teams

1. Pennsylvania 58
2. Minnesota 52
3. Illinois 46
4. Michigan 39
5. Iowa 34

Go here for full Fargo results for current and past years.

Wrestling Trivia

view quiz statistics

Fargo Wrestlng Matches From Past Years

Fun Fargo Facts

  1. Cael Sanderson lost in Fargo his Senior Year but still won the tournament.
  2. J'Den Cox beat Kyle Snyder in the 2012 Semis in Fargo.
  3. Illinois dominated the 2016 tournament.
  4. Historically Pennsylvania has been considered the best high school wrestling state.
  5. Jordan Burroughs never won Fargo.

Fargo Wrestling Champions 2016

Every year after the Finals of the Cadet and Junior National Championships for both Freestyle and Greco Roman Wrestling USA Wrestling interviews the champions. has also started interviewing them.

Here are some of the interviews from this most recent year.

Don't see the interview that you are looking for?

You can find more of the Champion interviews and Fargo Wrestling matches on USA Wrestling's youtube channel, on Flo Wrestling and at

Best Places to Learn More About Fargo Nationals

  1. Fargo is a USA Wrestling National Championship and therefore a great place to get the official info and details about Fargo is on USA Wrestling's Events page. Go here for more info. These guys are the organizing body for Wrestling in the United States so they are the experts on this tournament. After all, it is their tournament.
  2. as of this year has the exclusive rights to broadcast all of the Fargo Matches. That is why you can't find any of the Fargo Wrestling 2016 matches on youtube. In years past USA Wrestling put them all on Youtube, but this year they struck a deal with Flo and you must pay for the Flo Wrestling Premium Service, Flo Pro in order to get the full service. These guys provide great wrestling coverage for all types of events, but for the best stuff you do have to pay. It is around $80 per year I believe.
  3. is the software that tracks and runs the tournament. You can follow the entire tournament on this website and you can get LIVE results from anywhere in the world which is Awesome. Wrestlers can also see the records and stats of their opponents on this site. I don't, however, believe that to be a good thing because then kids will easily psych themselves out and lose the match before it even begins so be careful with that data. (note Track Westling just got acquired by NBC Sports so it will soon be called NBC Sports Engine.)
  4. has archived the results history as far back as possible. So you can go to there website and click on a particular year and then read all of the detailed results from any given year.

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