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Farm Pond Fishing

Updated on February 15, 2016


Small ponds have been one of my favorite places to fish since I have been a kid. I grew up fishing in small ponds and still enjoy it today. Most of the ponds I fish have been stocked with bluegill, largemouth bass, and catfish. They offer great opprotunities for people who do not have boats and have to fish from the bank.

My Son Fishing in a Farm Pond

Why Fish in a Pond

I will fish anywhere I can legally. But I will say that some of the most peacefully places I fish are some of these small ponds, as long as you don't mind the company of a few farm animals. Another reason I like to fish in a pond is it makes a good atmospher to take the whole family and introduce them to the sport of fishing. A well stocked pond makes for a place where you can catch fish more frequently than some of the public fishing areas. My children will get a little bored if they are not cathing something. In the summer we gather at a farm pond in the evenings and build a fire and eat and cafish. I have also caught and wittneessed some nice trophy size fish come out of ponds. Fishing in ponds is no different than anyother body of water as far as bait and tackle goes. I use the same equipment I do elsewhere and the same bait. Like any other place you will have to try baits to see what the fish are hitting. I generally use redworms for bluegill, soft plastics for bass, and chicken livers for catfish. I suggest trying different baits to see what works best for that particular day.

Things to Keep in Mind

First thing is always ask permission before you go on someone's property. You also need to remember to pick up after yourself. Never leave trash behind. If a person is kind enough to let you use the pond please be respectfull to the property and not damage any fields or fences.


I suggest that you get out and enjoy the outdoors. If you like to hunt, fish, hike, or whatever you enjoy make time to do it. In closing, don't over look small ponds as a good place to fish you never know what you might catch.

Ariel View of a Pond I Fish in


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