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Top 5 Fastest Yachts in the World

Updated on July 19, 2019
Savio Dawson profile image

Savio is a resident of Mumbai, India. Cars, bikes, and everything fast are his passion, and he writes about them on many sites.


While discussing the fastest boats in the world, we hardly covered the yachts. That was because the speed of the yachts was not close to the ones the boats achieved. However, when seen in isolation yachts do achieve some incredible speeds and that too over turbulent waters.

In case of the boat runs, we saw how important it is for the water to be still, failing which it could turn fatal; Donald Campbell’s case in the Bluebird was one such example. Why are we speaking of that here? Well, if the water is not still then the vessel, whichever variant, boat, yacht or catamaran, will not be stable and hence will have to reduce their speed. Same applies to the yachts which operate mostly in open seas and ocean, and therefore, will have an upper limit to their speed. That being the reason the yachts appear too slow to be on the list of the fastest boats.

Before we get started with the list, there is one question which pops up regularly, and it needs to be clarified in my opinion. Well, the question is about the difference between yachts and boats. Technically, they are the same, but yachts are for luxurious sail at a leisurely pace. They are made for sea-faring than still waters. In comparison, a boat is bare-bones for sailing purpose. The purpose could be racing or just moving from point A to B at speed on relatively still waters like a lake. That’s the difference.

So, let’s get goings with these luxurious speed demons.

List of Fastest Yachts

70.1 knots [80.62 mph or 129.8 kmph]
The World is not Enough
70 knots [80.5 mph or 129.6 kmph]
Gentry Eagle
63.5 knots [73 mph or 118 kmph]
60 knots [69 mph or 111 kmph]
Brave Challenger
60 knots [69 mph or 111 kmph]
Silver Wind (Fastest Electric Yacht)
32 knots [37 mph or 59 kmph]
Azzam (Longest Fastest Yacht)
31.5 knots [36 mph or 58 kmph]
Here is the fastest list. Each Yacht is elaborated below.

1. Foners

Now the top position for yachts is a bit of a tricky one, considering that the number 1 and number 2 yachts on the list are quite close as far as their speeds are concerned. Also, most sites differ on which one is at the top, however, a bit of research on this puts the Foners on top, by 0.1 of a knot. So, that’s how close it is. Here are some stats of our champion.

  • Yacht: Foners
  • Type: Super Yacht
  • Speed Record: 70.1 knots [80.62 mph or 129.8 kmph]
  • Cruising Speed: 45 knots [51.75 mph or 83.3 kmph]
  • Length: 41.51 meters [138.23 feet]
  • Engine: 3* Rolls-Royce Codag Engine + 2* MAN Engine
  • Power: 20,100 hp + 2,560 hp

The Foners has a bit of a history. It was originally christened as Fortuna and had a powerful past. The Foners was launched in 2000 and when we speak of power we are talking about the owner here. King Juan Carlos of Spain owned this beauty and since then it has changed multiple hands. In a hypothetical situation if it was ever being chased by the number 2 yacht on this list it would pull away ever so gently at 0.12 miles every hour; that assuming, it has enough fuel to last for hours at top speed. Hilarious thought, isn’t it?

2. The World is not Enough

And here comes the number 2 that we have been talking about for so long. This yacht sounds like it has something to do with a James Bond movie or the one used in a James Bond movie. Incidentally, it is neither but it definitely is one of the fastest superyachts around. It’s James Bond’s loss to not be associated with this beast.

  • Yacht: World is not Enough
  • Type: Super Yacht
  • Speed Record: 70 knots [80.5 mph or 129.6 kmph]
  • Cruising Speed: 50+ knots [57.5 mph or 92.6 kmph]
  • Length: 42 meters [139.86 feet]
  • Engine: 2* Paxman 18 cylinder diesel engines + an extra TF80 Lycombing Turbine
  • Power: 10,870 hp + additional 9,200 hp

The yacht was conceptualized by Mulder Design, the famous Netherland based studio founded by Frank Mulder. The design was then worked upon by John Staluppi of the Millenium Super Yacht fame to bring this yacht to being in 2005.

Well, one more thing, we really can’t rule out this yacht not being named after the famous James Bond movie. After all, the movie ‘World is not Enough’ released in 1999 and this yacht was ready for sailing in 2005, so you never know. Just to keep the interest going there is another yacht built by the same group called Octopussy. Hmm… Any thoughts anyone? Anyway, that part of the yacht’s history is for trivia and movie buffs to figure out, but for enthusiasts reading this article, it is figured out quite in detail that this is indeed the second fastest super-yacht out there.

3. Gentry Eagle


Gentry Eagle is next on the list and was the fastest yacht prior to the Foners entering the scene. Incidentally, it has just about half the power of the Foners and yet achieves a speed of 63.5 knots. It was built in 1988 in the United Kingdom.

  • Yacht: Gentry Eagle
  • Type: Super Yacht
  • Speed Record: 63.5 knots [73 mph or 118 kmph]
  • Cruising Speed: 45 knots [52 mph or 83 kmph]
  • Length: 35.66 meters [118.75 feet]
  • Engine: 2* MTU Turbo Diesel + Turbine Engine
  • Power: 6,960 hp + 4,500 hp

Gentry Eagle had a distinction of capturing the Blue Ribband for its record speed transatlantic passage and that too by beating Richard Branson’s feat. The Gentry Eagle bettered Richard Branson’s record by nearly 14 hours. That is like a huge difference in speed. Not to mention that the effort helped the United States regain the Blue Ribband from the United Kingdom.

4. Galeocerdo


The Galeocerdo was built by Wally in Italy and was ready to sail by 2002. She had been worked upon by known names in the industry like Lazzarini Pickering designing the interiors. Speed-wise it is just behind the Gentry Eagle and is about the same length as the Gentry.

  • Yacht: Galeocerdo
  • Type: Super Yacht
  • Speed Record: 60 knots [69 mph or 111 kmph]
  • Cruising Speed: 40 knots [46 mph or 74 kmph]
  • Length: 35.47 meters [118.11 feet]
  • Engine: 3* DDC TF50 Gas Turbine Engine + 2 * Cummins Diesel Engine
  • Power: 16,800 hp + 740 hp

The Galeocerdo can maintain top speed for a longer duration however that would limit its range to only about 380 nautical miles. Strangely, for a yacht built for 60 knots, its recommended cruising speed is 12 knots. That is way slower than the largest super oil tanker in the world. Unless it is a typo, the 12 knots speed is recommended to, maybe, increase the range of the yacht.

5. Brave Challenger

Brave Challenger is a yacht built in the 1960 and is considerably bigger than most of the yachts that we have discussed so far. It used the best available technologies of the 50s to bring in the luxury aspects yet capable of going fast; when I say fast I mean the fastest. It was one of the fastest yachts of its time. On hindsight, even today it matches speed with yachts built in the 21st century. Not bad for a yacht built more than half a century back.

  • Yacht: Brave Challenger
  • Type: Super Yacht
  • Speed Record: 60 knots [69 mph or 111 kmph]
  • Cruising Speed: 44 knots [51 mph or 82 kmph]
  • Length: 30.94 meters [103.02 feet]
  • Engine: 3* General Motors Diesel Engine
  • Power: 40,860 hp

Now when you compare the cruising speed of the Brave Challenger to that of the Galeocerdo, it beats logic as to why a yacht capable of doing 60 knots has only 12 knots cruising speed. Brave Challenger’s 44 knots is more like it.

Special Mention: Silver Wind - Fastest Electric Yacht


Now the future moving towards clean and green energy will likely see the boating and yachting industry move in that direction too. When a similar change was expected in the automobile industry, everyone laughed at the idea of electric cars and yet today we see every segment of the automobile world embracing electric cars; not to mention Elon Musk’s speed demons. The same logic applies to the super yachts too.

Silver Wind is the first in the direction of clean yet fast yachts and many may follow. The speed may not match up to the current fastest yachts but with time even that will be taken care of. Silver wind is not just a beauty externally but also a technological masterpiece internally.

  • Yacht: Silver Wind
  • Type: Electric Yacht
  • Speed Record: 32 knots [37 mph or 59 kmph]
  • Cruising Speed with Diesel Motor: 26 knots [30 mph or 48 kmph]
  • Cruising Speed with Electric Motor: 8 knots [9.2 mph or 15 kmph] [Silent Cruising]
  • Length: 43.63 meters [145.3 feet]
  • Engine: 2* Caterpillar 3512B DITA SWAC + Siemens Electric Motors
  • Power: Not known

The electric motor powered cruising allows the yacht to be silent, an experience unparalleled among yachts. The silent cruising enhances the experience of luxury manyfold.

Special Mention: Azzam – World’s Longest Super Yacht

At 590 feet Azzam is the largest superyacht in the world. For its size, it is the fastest yacht longer than 300 feet. Yachts greater than 300 feet tend to do about 22-28 knots, so Azzam is really fast among Yachts of similar size. It is considered to be ultra-luxurious and was bought by her Middle – Eastern owner for 600 million USD.

  • Yacht: Azzam
  • Type: World’s largest Super Yacht
  • Speed Record: 31.5 knots [36 mph or 58 kmph]
  • Cruising Speed: 20 knots [23 mph or 37 kmph]
  • Length: 177 meters [590 feet]
  • Engine: 2* Diesel Motor + 2* Gas Turbine
  • Power: 94,000 hp

So that completes our list of fastest yachts. Hope readers got a sense of the speeds that these luxurious speed demons can do, and, of course, enjoyed reading it.

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Disclaimer: The videos added in the article belong to the users who have posted them on youtube. The Author does not own them nor validates that they belong to the ones who posted them on youtube. The videos are included to give some additional information about the subject being discussed.

© 2018 Savio Koman


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    • Savio Dawson profile imageAUTHOR

      Savio Koman 

      6 months ago from Mumbai, India

      Hello Aurelio,

      There couldn't be a bigger coincidence. I had just posted this hub on reddit taking the idea from one of your hubs, and you post your comment on this exact hub. :)

      Yes, these are some great looking yachts which are classified as super-yachts. Hahaha, the Galeocerdo is one yacht which even spooked the US coast guard. Talk about looks!

    • alocsin profile image

      Aurelio Locsin 

      6 months ago from Orange County, CA

      Aside from being fast, these yachts are also beautiful to look. Except maybe for the Galeocerdo, which looks more like a military warship than a civilian boat.


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