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Ferguson works his magic on Patrice Evra

Updated on December 28, 2012

Arrival of Buttner sees Goals galore from Evra

Evra has scored a total of 4 goals in the EPL in only the first half of the 2012-13 EPL. This is equal to the goals Evra has scored in his combined 6 seasons at the Manchester club. So what has triggered this sudden goal rush from the Left back?

This Year

Goal Tally
After 38 games?
8 Goals
After 19 games
4 Goals

and compared to previous years....

Previous Years

Man Utd Career Total

Patrice Evra has never really brought much of a goal threat, sure he is ever willing to provide the overlap and take on a few players with skills that make you wonder if he could happily play LW but he has began to add goals to his game this season, 4 already at the half way point, if it should carry on in the same manor, he would total 8 EPL goals at the end of the season, which would see him score more goals than a centre forward Emile Heskey for Aston Villa a couple years back. Evra has been bringing most of his goals from headers, not the tallest man on the pitch by far, infact quite the opposite but it appears to be his desire to get onto the ball, greater desire than that of his opposition that has led to his recent goal flurry;

So what is causing this desire to score?

Ferguson signs Alexander Buttner

For years Patrice Evra's position at Left back has gone largely uncontended, Fabio never really staked a convincing claim for the position and Evra was arguably United's best player in their minor slump post Cristiano Ronaldo, earning him the captains armband but this has recently led to a very poor season from Evra last year, he was part of a backline whose complacency cost United the EPL title and looked lacklustre throughout.

His Euro2012 campaign with France was poor, constant rumors of disharmony and Evra seemed to be all round loosing his desire to compete. Enter Sir Alex Ferguson, widely regarded as one of the greatest Football managers ever to live.

Ferguson snapped up a relatively unknown Left back, with an eye for a goal and a tendency for a darting run. He got his debut against Wigan in the opening games of the 2012-13 English premier league season and played a quality game, showing bags of skill and determination and was eventually rewarded with a goal on his debut.

Just look at Evra's reaction...

Evra knew it, we all knew it, he was starting to look like yesterdays news, here was a younger player, showing more desire and threat towards the opposition goal and ever since, Evra has been reinvigorated, this is undoubtably a display of the excellent man management from Sir Alex Ferguson, which has ensure perenial success at the club.

Here is the debut goal from Alexander Buttner, a future Manchester United first team regular for sure but if Patrice Evra has anything to say about it, not just yet!

Evra's Goal Return 2012


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