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Fernando Torres' Departure From Liverpool: A Stab In The Back For Fans Everywhere?

Updated on January 31, 2013
Torres back in his Liverpool days -see him in the red? Well from now on he'll be in the blue.
Torres back in his Liverpool days -see him in the red? Well from now on he'll be in the blue.

The last day of the Transfer Window and Fernando Torres throws everybody for a loop, putting in his request for a transfer. Chelsea wanted him but Liverpool rejected his request until Chelsea forked out a whopping 50 million Euros and the sale is said to be a done deal. He is said to be at Stamford Bridge having his required medical exam. Even on Liverpool's website there was a simple announcement that he was leaving. Meanwhile, on Chelsea's website there is written in bold letters "Torres happy to be blue."

Fans are not thrilled to say the least as it was not too long ago the Torres said he was content with the club and that he was not going anywhere. Needless to say some fans are hurt by his sudden move and are seriously enraged with the 26 year old (I know right he looks so young!) Spanish player.

It was a shocker to say the least and the thing is, there is a match between Chelsea and Liverpool this Sunday, where he is expected to make his debut wearing a brand new blue shirt. Well all I say say is I'll be holding my breath waiting to see just what will happen sort of reception he'll get. Torres has said in referral to that very match via Chelsea's website ""It is like the destiny. It is not perfect for me but we will see what happens and I only have good words about Liverpool. They made me a top player and gave me the chance to play at the top level. I will never say anything bad about Liverpool, I have been very happy there, but now the history is different and I am playing for Chelsea. If I have the chance to play I will do my best for Chelsea and hopefully I can score" He seems to have only glowing words about his new team. Yet there is no farewell on Liverpool's site as yet. I keep checking but nothing yet.

Torres, who has been at Liverpool since 2007, I think it is safe to say, has successfully stunned a lot of fans everywhere whether from Liverpool or not because quite frankly, no one looked for him in that area. Other footballers have done it but he did not seem to have such a nature as that. And everybody knows Liverpool and Chelsea fans don't get along.

Will fans ever be able to forgive him? Or do they think this is all part of the game and he remains their same beloved player? Only time will tell. But one thing is for sure. That will be a match I don't want to miss.

Update: Liverpool have beaten Chelsea 1 goal to 0! And the fans look deliriously pleased.

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    • North Wind profile image

      North Wind 6 years ago from The World (for now)

      Mohamed Haris, I know a lot of fans agree with you. Liverpool seems to be doing even better now Torres is gone. 3-0 against Manchester United was great this weekend. I am so glad for Liverpool!

    • profile image

      Mohamed Haris 6 years ago

      Thanks to Torres. He had done a lot of Favour to up. He left us 50 millions, two top class strikers, a Complete team. And also we got rid of a Selfish guy toooo....