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Fifa "Player of the Year" Corruption

Updated on October 24, 2017
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Ronado Winning the "Player of the Year" award this year (2017)

This is ridiculous.  This is the fifth time he's won this award.
This is ridiculous. This is the fifth time he's won this award. | Source

Why Ronaldo Won

Ronaldo won mainly due to the success of the club he plays for, Real Madrid. Which if you didn't know, was a club based in Madrid, Spain. I'll have more information about the club below. Anyway, Real Madrid won the Champions League, Laliga Santander Primera, the Eufa Super Cup, and Spanish League Cup. So all in all, they were had an extremely successful season. In basic terms, they were crowned the best club in Spain, twice, and the best club in Europe altogether. Although this is amazing, it needs to be kept in mind that Cristiano is one in eleven players on the field at once, not to mention the players that came off the bench to help out in this feat. Which although it is incredible, Ronaldo did not do it by himself, and the fact that he's surrounded with world class players such as Karim Benzema, Sergio Ramos, Marcelo, Toni Kroos, Keylor Navas, and the rising star Marco Asensio. That needs to be noted, now, Ronaldo is an incredible player, but he has scored once in nearly the entire LaLiga season this far even though he's had plenty of chances on goal, and his side isn't exactly struggling, their not doing great, but they are still in third in the league tables. (As of October 24, 2017) besides, the loss/losses that have made them behind Barcelona FC so far this season was with an extremely rotated team. So the starting Real Madrid squad really had very little to do with it.

A Case for Messi

I know, I know, I'm an FC Barcelona fan, so this is prejudiced, but look at the start of this season! Lionel Messi has practically carried Barcelona to #1 in the LaLiga table! With the loss of Neymar to PSG this summer, which was a huge blow, as the youngster brought in to replace him, Ousmane Dembele is out for another couple of months due to a severe hamstring injury he received in the first league game of the season! Messi's stats so far this season have been incredible! Messi scored 9 goals and has completed 1 assist in 5 games in LaLiga alone!

Messi has been the best so far this season (2017-18).
Messi has been the best so far this season (2017-18).

Great Players

I am not saying that Cristiano Ronaldo isn't a good player, I respect his ability and drive on and off the soccer field, although I wish he would've come to Liverpool or Barcelona instead of heading to Manchester United and then to Real Madrid after coming from Portugal. Cristiano isn't the best fit for Barcelona's play style, however, he would've worked out fine at Liverpool seeing as how he's got more skills and is just as athletic as a player that Liverpool has brought in fairly recently being Sadio Mane. Cristiano is a great soccer player and is definitely one of the best in the world, however, he did have an entire team full of world class players that could support him during a tough match or run of matches. I'm not saying the Messi didn't have help either but I feel that when the Opta stats point toward the other two choices for the award, his reason for getting the "Player of the Year" which was because Real Madrid had a very successful season which I think takes away from what Real Madrid as a whole did together during their greatest season ever, but is not backed up by the stats. Ronaldo clearly didn't carry his team completely because if he did you would think that he would have much more assists and goals than Messi and Neymar as they played on the same team and would've both been competing with each other to some degree, making the overall team better but their individual affects the game much less substantial.

Ending Thoughts

To wrap this all up, no I am not saying that Messi is better than Ronaldo as far as skills or ability on the soccer field goes, I am just stating an opinion on why I think he got the award. Believe it or not bandwagons but Cristiano Ronaldo isn't a magician that does everything for his team. He had help and that is what I'm trying to recognize, there are many world-class players other than him that helped that season become what it was and I feel that this award just goes another step into not appreciating them. Just in one case, with Marcelo, another one of Ronaldo's teammates who is, in my opinion, the best left back as of recently makes a large contribution to the team but Ronaldo is the player that is credited for all that the team does together.


This is what Marcelo looks like in case you have no idea who he is.
This is what Marcelo looks like in case you have no idea who he is. | Source

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