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Old Fifa World Cup Songs-Old is Gold

Updated on April 5, 2017

Fifa World Cup Song

Music is as much part of the FIFA World Cup events as the football game itself.

You can simply copy and paste the link in the address bar to view the video of the song.

Shakira ft.Freshlyground — Waka Waka

"This time for Africa":

The Colombian Singer Shakira was lucky to be named as the Official world cup Fifa 2010 Singer. The song is supported by South African Group Freshlyground. The song is a mix of African and English Lyrics.

K'naan — Wavin' Flag

"You and I will be singing it"

K'naan is a Somalian-Canadian rapper. A message of freedon and Solidarity is conveyed through the song. This si also the official song of Coca-Cola Fifa 2010 World Cup anthem.

Focus — Hocus Pocus

"Write the future":

Its an instrumental music without lyrics. Nike used nearly two minutes of the music for its 2010 Fifa World Cup commercial.

Rola Sa'ad and Kelly Rowland (ft. various artists) — Everywhere You Go

"You work hard just to play harder”.

The voice of Middle East singer Saad, doesn't say much except "Yalla Yalla" in the song. Other Artists includes Kelly Rowland.

Martin PK —Stand as One

"Big like Michael Jackson":

South Africa's own singer Martin Pk sings a song of solidarity. A good dance number songs as well.


Queen — We Are the Champions

"No time for losers":

Originally this tune was made up in 70's By the Iconic Band Queen. But this became the national song for 1994 Fifa world cup.

The Lightning Seeds — Three Lions

"Football's coming home":

Originally a song of 1996, but in 2010 it is again sung by Robbie Williams and Russell Brand. More like a favoring song for England Football team despite of continuous losses.

World Cup Winning Team Should be?

A lot of debate needs to be done after the quarter final stage of FIFA world Cup 2010. Its clear after the first and second round that having one of the best players on your side, like Portugal having Christiano Ronaldo and England having Lampard and Rooney is not going to give you a win. England being kicked out of World cup By a Younf german football team is clearly a result of controversial decision by the Umpire of that match. The goal of lampard was clearly an equaliser for the first half of the game. Disallowed Goal really put the England team in a Mental Trauma from which they dint recover throughout match. But in the end only the best team won.

Argentina on the other hand found itself lucky when a clear off-side goal on the pass of Messi was allowed by the Umpire. Isn't it obvious from the above discussion.

1- Fifa needs to imply modern technology in the Football World Cup now. Even after decades of controversial matches, in one of the worlds most celebrated tournament of the world, we are still seeing some controversial decisions on the field.

2- The teams should consider the fact that its the team that wins the game rather the one individual star to rely on. The star is all alone if you depend on him soulely. Rooney, Lampard, Geraad and Ronaldo, all needed some good passes or support on the field to perform.

3-Its not the experience that counts its the team spirit, which made Germany ahead of England.

Official Albums of Fifa World Cup Football Songs

  1. 1994 – Gloryland
  2. 1998 – Music of the World Cup: Allez! Ola! Ole!
  3. 2002 – The Official Album of the 2002 FIFA World Cup
  4. 2006 – Voices from the FIFA World Cup
  5. 2010 – Listen Up! The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Album
  6. 2014 – One Love, One Rhythm – The 2014 FIFA World Cup Official Album


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