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Fighting in our lives

Updated on March 21, 2013

Let's fight

Don't you ever wish you could be able to box or have great martial art moves to fight without getting hurt. If anybody is a martial artist and they are reading this, you're awesome and be safe. Even anybody in the Army. I bring them up because they are fighting for our country, their families and their lives. God will always bless you guys. My favorite martial art is kung fu, muay tai, and capoiera. People in the Army and the Navy are brave and strong as ever fighting their lives out there. I do wish people that have fighting skills did not have to get hurt or pass away. In the movies it is amazing when you see two actors fighting then they end up fine after the movie ends sometimes, but in real life two people fight and someone gets arrested and/or hurt. Fighting is a defense mechanism when a person is challenging you or trying to hurt you, but it depends on how you defend yourself and if that person really wants to hurt you.


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