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Fights That Will Probably End Up Being Better Than Mayweather VS Pacquiao

Updated on February 23, 2015

So it has finally been announced that Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Maywether will meet in the ring on May 2. I just have one question: Who cares? Even 3 years I probably would have shown some excited, but now I barely gave it a meh. This was the epic fight we all wanted 8 years ago when both fighters were at the top of their game. Now, both fighters are way past their prime. I have no doubt that It will though probably still be one of the most watched fights in boxing history, and might even one of the most watched sporting events ever, but at this point there more fights that on May 3 were all going to say “Those were better.”

Alex Rodriguez VS The New York Yankees

Basically this relationship feels like when a married couple decides to get a divorce, but they’re both too broke to move out so they have to find a way to coexist. They will never express how they truly feel, but they both know how much teach other does not want to be there. The Yankees have openly tried to find any loophole to not pay A-Ro and no get him out of New York, but unfortunately couldn't find. Alex Rodriguez id going to go to play for a team knowing that they tried to fire him. That isn't awkward at all, Is it?

Rob Lowe vs All the other Rob Lowes

All the Rob Lowes in one huge steel cage battle royale to the death. Paranoid Rob Lowe will probably bring that drill, scrawrny arms Rob Lowe will injure himself getting into the cageI have strong feel that painfully shy Rob Lowe will have an accident before the fight even starts, creepy Rob Lowe will probably be lurking in the corner waiting for his time to strike. My bet is on Meathead Rob Lowe, not because he's big and strong, but because he'll be wearing so much tan oil that no one will be able to grip him

Your will to live vs. this winter

Every time you look at the weather report for the upcoming week there has been at least 4 days with the little snow picture in front of it and your soul hurts just a little more. Everyday its colder than that stare your parents gave you when they knew you were lying about that party. This weather has nothing been Elsa’s wet dream. we're in the late rounds and pretty much ready to throw in the towel. The degrees have started to match the amount of (bleeps) you give about everything that is occurring every second of everyday. Might as well strap in and let the snowpocolypse beat you into coma, hopefully your vegetated mind will put you in a Caribbean beach chair sipping a Margarita

Robin Ventura vs Nolan Ryan

Has to be in top 5 favorite fights in baseball history. A very young Robin Ventura and a very old Ryan go at it in one of the most historically remembered brawls. As Ventura comes in for the take down, old man Ryan one ups him by a getting all big brother by putting him in a headlock.

Marshawn Lynch vs the media

Marshawn is the champion of the Super Bowl media week 2 years running. This year Marshawn was Ali-esque in beating up the media with his words, or lack there of. "I'm just here so I don't get fined" became a pop culture phenomenon and we we're hooked to see what other antics he would pull

Amber Rose vs The Kardashians

Nothing annoys me more in this crazy world knowing that a bunch of people that are only famous because they slept with someone else was more famous are now feuding because they shaming each other for being for sleeping with certain famous people. Trust me, i’m just as confused you are. Its like a bad sequel to inception. Do any of these people have real jobs? I only see them on the internet and TV doing stuff that normal people do, but somehow they have a lot more money than me.

I could only dream of the cat fight that would ensue between all these Mensa minds; I imagine a lot fake hair flying, designer dress ripping and probably a ruptured butt implant.


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