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Gracie Gold at Nebelhorn: Rescoring

Updated on March 11, 2015

Gold: third at Nebelhorn

Gold started her first competition of the season, but settled with third at Nebelhorn Trophy in Oberstdorf, Germany.

Gold posted 182.31 points, 10.34 behind Elizaveta Tuktamysheva who won the competition.

Anyone doubted that?

Just can't stand the ISU bullshit any more.

As for me, don't send our skaters to the ISU events. We've got enough bullshit already. But how can Gold not compete anyway? That's dilemma; athletes need to compete, but in preset competitions. Do we have to?

A few tips for Gold

Gold looks not very much in shape.

First, the music sounds so ridiculous now that the ISU allows the skaters to use voiced-music. I shouldn't have prejudiced against vocal but I can't help thinking, Is this another sales strategy?

I am not ready for this crap.

It looks we are dancing to those fraudsters. Yeah some fanfares designed to make it look a drama you are pulling off.

I have a few words with you, Gracie.

That's fine. You compete. But I want you to stay in course. Don't give a shit to those judges; they are frauds. Nothing else.

Don't give a shit to requirements or judges. Don't even smile to those bastards. Don't even try to earn them. They are just piece of shits, as you know and we all know.

You are in a shit-hole, but you can make a difference even there. Don't imitate empty shells with elaborate tapestries.

Show them skating, not fake imitation like the Russians are doing. You may fall, I don't care. You may not get enough points, I don't care. No matter what you do, you won't get what you deserve.

This is not sports, but politics. If you have to compete, that's fine. But forget about points and how to strategically collect more. Forget it. You won't get it even if you skate better.

But at least you can teach them how to skate and what figure skating really is.

Gracie Gold in 2014

How do you grade Gold's free?

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Gold does not skate well. You can tell.

All her jumps are subject to -3 to -1, even some may be downgraded.

But in this competition, her PCS will be 7.5 in average due to the level of competitors. However, I deduct 0.5 points from PCS average due to her lack of delivery.

With 57 in PCS and 45 in TES, my verdict is 102.

Tuktamysheva looks good in some points.

To watch Liza's program, click here.

There are two most prominent examples for bad skating: One is Julia Lipnitskaia and the other, Elizaveta Tuktamysheva.

However, I think Elizaveta Tuktamysheva is a bit better skater than Lipnitskaia. Although I always said Tuktamysheva was an utter failure as a skater. I like the way Tuktamysheva puts up her efforts here.

First, yeah she chose a music without voice. That alone gives me a room for appreciation. And what has changed in her skating, as you might notice, her expressiveness. Note: figure skating's expressiveness has little to do with facial.

I think she begins to understand how to skate in general though it's a long way to go, or maybe she never reaches 7.0 PCS point.

I commend her for her efforts and improvement in her jumping technique. Now she tries at least to jump correctly, as you can see her air position, I am more in favor of her. Of course, that's beginning of skating, not any accomplishment in any level.

Without basics she has run too long and so consequently she has a long way to go to undo all those junks.

As you see, her body language is not fit to senior level skating. It's too frightened and too deformed in hunch. As you see, her skating direction and her bodily capacity never satisfactorily come together, but she seems to understand what she needs to do in order to get back on track.

But the way she manages to use her arms and legs in her performance actually edges out Gold, no matter how little it seems to her overall deficiency in skating. So I give her a boost of 0.5 average PCS point exclusively for that alone.

Therefore her average PCS will be 6.5 in this competition.

Her PCS gives her 52 in PCS and her TES will be 51. All her jumps are -3 to -1 despite its merits such as height and airposition. Her merits are all countered by lack of speed, edge and continuity and flow. More importantly her way of skating, characterized by depletion of bodily control on ice throughout the program, held her down, almost disqualified for senior level.

But I am pleased to see her much in progress. With my compliment, my verdict is 103 in total.

How do you grade Tuktamysheva's free?

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How do you grade Gold'd short?

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Gracie Gold in 2014


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