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Figure Skating Dresses

Updated on July 14, 2009

Figure skating dresses are created in different colors, shapes, and styles to establish a unique and distinctive look on the ice for all skaters form amateur to professional. Most of the quality skating outfits often cost in the $100 or more price range. Kenerly Kreations, GK Elite, Sharene, Rebel, Del Arbour, and Jerry's all design a complete line-up of elegant, yet comfortable figure skating and ice skating dresses.

Whether its a new dress for practice or to compete in a tournament there's an abundance of figure skating apparel to suit all needs, such as of dresses, skirts and bodysuits, to a pair of warm-up pants, skating tights and much more.  

Shopping for a Figure Skating Dress

If shopping for a figure skate dress its possible to locate these outfits at an ice rink, a local dressmakers, skating shops or online retailers. Some of the ice rinks often feature a shop selling new skating apparel. A professional dressmaker shouldn't have a problem in putting together skating outfit in a variety of size and styles to fit well.

A local skating store often stocks a line of figure skating dresses and outfits, these are often machine produced and aren't likely to give that custom fit, although you do get to see what your buying first hand. Custom figure skating dresses can be made-to-order to fit just the one individual customer. A tailor-made costume ensures a perfect fit to look the best on the ice as well as delivering a dress which is all a skater could envision.

Online retailers are another option if no skate shops are in the local area, this might be an idea first-step to figure skating outfits, although the option isn't there to try on for the ideal fit. Be certain to be measured for a desirable fit and keep in mind that the fabric of these dresses will stretch.

Custom Figure Skating Dress

If taking part in a figure skating event it often calls for a custom figure staking dresses to be created to ensure an individual design as well as offering the ideal fit. The overall presentation and appearance is all crucial for delivering a total package ice performance that a judging panel will be looking for. Certain styles may be aesthetically more desirable than others.

A stretch fabric is often used to create some of the stunning figure skating dresses, a fabric that's similar to material used in swimming costumes. Taking a moment to search online for a particular manufactures brand name should return a variety of sources to additional information and online suppliers of Figure skating dresses.


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