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Find Girls Soccer Cleats and Apparel Online

Updated on April 10, 2013

Girls Soccer Cleats

Girls Soccer Cleats and Apparel

Girls Soccer Cleats and Apparel

If you have found this site chances are your daughter is playing Soccer. Either in a youth soccer league or at her junior high or high school. If that is the case congratulations. Soccer is a great game that teaches many skills. If you are looking for equipment for your daughter you have come to the right place whether your child is a brand new player buying her first set of cleats to someone who has played a few seasons and knows just what she wants.

Soccer Cleats

Soccer Cleats are about the most important piece of soccer equipment you will buy your daughter besides maybe a soccer ball. They are her connection to the ground and also the way that she is able to feel and control the ball as she moves down the field. So this is an important one, pick the right cleat and you are set. Any of the brands listed here will do just fine for your daughter. Daughters typically like to think about things like matching colors and style with their uniforms, but as long as you get a decent brand of soccer cleats you are set and she can choose any color she wants they will work just fine. To imagine when I first started playing soccer, cleats came in three colors only and they were all black. Now they come in all the colors of the rainbow. While you are buying cleats make sure you buy a cleat bag. A cleat bag is a small bag with a zipper on it that you put your cleats in after the game or practice when they are all muddy and covered in freshly cut grass right before you get in mom or dads SUV. Trust me on this get a cleat bag. You car will thank you.

Youth Soccer Socks

While were talking about cleats we may as well mention soccer socks they also come in every color and style in the rainbow. So be prepared to buy several pairs of soccer socks. In many cases it becomes a fad on the team to wear mismatch socks for some reason. If you have sons they don't typically do that but girls do so here we are buying extra pairs of soccer socks just so they can mismatch. At least they are having fun right?

Soccer Balls

Soccer Balls

Soccer Balls are probably the most important piece of gear you will buy for your daughter when she is getting ready for soccer. She can play without most of this other stuff. But, she must have a soccer ball. She needs a soccer ball to practice with around the house and at school if it's allowed. Hey dad or mom this is a good excuse to get out and play with your daughter and kick the ball around with them. Trust me you want them to talk to you get them on their turf and just play with them and somehow the words just come out. At least that's how it works at my house.They also need a soccer ball to take to practice because they will use their own soccer balls in a lot of the drills at practice.

Shin Guards

Shin guards are very important they are made of plastic and they cover your shin as the name suggests so you don't get kicked in the shin too hard. Trust me you will still get kicked in the shin the shin guards just take away some of the bruises from the kicks not to mention the divots you would have in your shins from the cleats. So make sure you buy some good shin guards and that you follow the sizing guide online when you buy them. The sizing guide goes by age. Speaking of age for younger kids I really recommend the shin guards that come as a sock style meaning that the shin guard is actually sewn into the sock. That way your little one has no problem with their shin guards comming off and you don't have to worry about them losing the straps that go on the other types of shin guards. So, overall they are just a better type of shin guard for little kids. To make sure they fit and at first if you have never played soccer you will think they are too small but it will be okay. Some other things you can get are goalie gloves and a special bag to carry all your gear in but you only need these if you are a goalie for any length of time. A lot of times kids just share goalie gloves. As for the bag to carry your stuff I would only get the cleat bag special then just use any small duffel bag that you have around to carry you stuff. Another thing you could use is a pop up portable soccer goal. They are great for practicing your kicking when you don't have a partner to play with or when you are doing drills with your team.

Go Play Soccer

Go play soccer have a great season and have fun.

Portable Training Goals For Soccer

Gravity, a photo by BlakJakDavy on Flickr.


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