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How to find my ideal golf swing speed.

Updated on January 30, 2012

Learn how to recover your correct swing speed.

It's easy to lose your golf swing during a game, especially at a crucial moments. Some golfers never really get comfortable with their swing. It's all about your golf swing speed and your tempo.

Your optimum golf swing speed is always an easy golf swing, but it changes all the time.
The Five Blind Golf Swings reestablishes your personal tempo and balance into your swing.
They can save your golf game and your sanity.

Golf swing speed and tempo are directly linked, force either one and you lose the other, instantly. Your balance goes too.

Did you know, your optimum personal tempo at any given time is when you are relaxed about doing something. You do it without any conscious thought. Within your tempo.
Your golf tempo is the same and you won't even think about it if everything is going along fine. Same for your golf swing speed, but if it's forced - faster, harder, slower or softer; it wrecks your swing and results.

So when your game falls apart, which it will from time to time, you must be able to restore your easy golf swing, your correct golf swing speed, your tempo and balance.


Actually very easily, you do the Five Blind Golf Swings.

They are your quickest, easiest and most reliable golf swing repair kit. A kit you carry in your head and can use anywhere. You're going to love what they do for your swing, your golf game, your thinking and they will stop you hurting yourself too. But first, a little more information.

If the golf swing is so easy, how come I lose it?

An easy golf swing is not a weak swing and it isn't sloppy. Actually, it is incredibly powerful. An easy golf swing returns the club face square to the target line. All of the swing power is used where you want it, and hey presto, you get accuracy and appropriate distance.
It will be within your personal tempo and at YOUR correct golf swing speed.

A forced swing seldom returns to the ball square to the target line. The extra effort, power, is lost as side spin. You've lost accuracy and distance. Your natural swing is lost too.

What a waste.

Golfers often have extraordinary expectations, like trying to get that extra bit of distance. We could tell you - "don't do that." But you'll still try to crank out that bit more distance.

Silly you, to get that distance you try to hit harder for more golf swing speed. Wrong! That puts pressure on and the first thing to suffer is your tempo.

That friend, is your ego wrecking your game, blowing fuses in your brain. If you plan your game before you start, and stick to your plan, you won't have this problem. Distance will not be a problem. (More about that later in our planning lessons, click the 'Follow Under Cover Agent' button.)

For some reason extraordinary expectations generate excessive actions; too slow, too soft, too fast, too hard.
All of these actions are outside the golfer’s personal tempo. And of course once you start to think about tempo, it disappears anyway. They have no idea what to do and usually blunder on to the end of a frustrating game.

Here’s how you maintain or restore your personal tempo and correct golf swing speed, at ‘any’ time. Especially during your warm-up; before you practice or play golf.

The Five Blind Swings.

The 'five blind golf swings will require you to keep your eyes closed, start to finish. So read this before you try them.

• Take a golf club, it can be any club. Perhaps a 5 wood or 5 iron.

• Set up as if to hit an imaginary golf ball.
A normal stance or preferably get your feet a bit closer together.
Take this seriously.

• Close your eyes and take a full and proper swing.
This is not a case of thrashing or waving the club back and forwards. Set up each time and make proper swings each time. With your eyes closed.

• Hold the club in the finish position, briefly, each time.
The first few swings will probably feel like you have lost your balance.
Hold that finish high.

• Don’t open your eyes yet.

• Set up again to the imaginary ball, eyes still closed.

• Take another full and proper swing.

• Repeat this at least five times – five blind golf swings. Set up properly for each full swing, AND KEEP YOUR EYES SHUT!!

• Don’t open your eyes at any stage until you can take a full swing without feeling like you will fall over.

By the time you take the fifth full swing, eyes still closed, you should be comfortably balanced throughout the whole swing. You will have sub-consciously adjusted your swing speed to keep your balance.
If 5 isn't enough, just keep doing them. It won't take many or long, but don't rush them, rushing is probably how you got into trouble to start with.

Now you are swinging within your tempo.

Wow, it feels great!
Ok, you can open your eyes now.

That's your golf swing speed and your timing sorted out, now go use it.

Make this exercise a habit.

Once you get into the habit of taking the ‘five blind golf swings’ and playing within your own tempo, you will find accuracy and greater distance are yours, forever.

Your general approach to golf will be more positive, confident, settled and powerful.
The ‘five blind golf swings’ are the most important physical exercises ever applied to golf, before a game, during the game and at practice.

This small exercise can remove some of those crazy contortions that golfer create when they TRY to hit a golf ball.

Where and when can I use them?

Pretty well anywhere you like.

At practice (definitely).

Before you tee off (definitely).

While waiting for other players to clear the fairway or the green, (definitely, but keep out of their playing area and hearing).

No one will even know what you are doing. Really handy eh!

You can even do the ‘five blind golf swings’ in your bathroom with an imaginary club and ball.

You use them as a habit to stay tuned. You don't need to know about or change your tempo unless you have been stressing it; then you just the Five Blind Swings to get it back. Accept it and use it.

If you get a bit wound up and find your game or practice going to pieces you will want to get back on track as soon as possible. Do the five blind golf swings.

Please do not present any arguments against the ‘five blind golf swings’ or doing them.
Your personal tempo needs them.

The Five Blind Golf Swings can restore your golf swing, golf swing speed, tempo, balance and your golf game, only if you do them.

Just do the Five Blind Golf Swings! They are pure magic.

This exercise can be used for lots of activities other than golf. It's great for restoring balance and timing. Please share with us how you use it.

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    • Under cover agent profile image

      Under cover agent 5 years ago from New Zealand

      Hi John,

      That's impressive. Thanks for calling by.

    • profile image

      john 5 years ago

      I recently got a similar tip and I hit driver-6iron 440 to start with a birdie. I always have a slight jerky move on impact thinking I don't have. the power to swing like a scratch. I

    • Under cover agent profile image

      Under cover agent 6 years ago from New Zealand

      Thanks for stopping by Butch, I'll take a look in a little while. Thanks also for the twitter, every little helps.

    • Butch45 profile image

      Butch45 6 years ago

      Hi I am over here checking out your golf site Under Cover I am still marketing a lot of us on skype worked together and on of us not me figured out a system to get us to cash. He uses one template and Amazon products and has three website over a hundred in income in under two months he also uses very little paid tools. I no longer use anything but seo for fire fox and google keywords external tool. My skype is mackay847 I have not yet had any sites out long enough to make more than a few sales using his method but all things point to it being a success.It is still not a get rich quick thing but it earns way better than anything I have tried so far and the cost can be very affordable. I also twittered your hub it will get attention I have about 180 golfers following me on twitter. great idea for really improving your swing tempo I will leave you a link to one of my golf sites. It is