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Finding Fantasy Football

Updated on July 14, 2017

Let me show you what an unquenchable thirst for fantasy football is, and how to cope with it. My name is Matthew Bull,and I grew up watching football like most kids in my generation. I first realized the need for fantasy when most kids would watch cartoons, and I woke up early to watch NFL coverage.Yet it only got worse from there. I couldn't label my obsession for fantasy football as an illness, but more as a prescription for just that. I have suffered from the inability to have enough football in my life since the age of thirteen years old. I was in a family league that seemed too easy to win, and a need for competition as a young boy. For many years I let this persist, and I assumed there was no alternative to this purgatory of a league. I would consult friends at school about playing together, and it always seemed to fizzle as teenagers minds waver daily on less important subjects. I moved on, went to college, it seemed to be the same issue. Everyone was focused on something else that they labeled as "more important." It hit me right then; The years I listened to people telling me to "Do something you love for a job, and you wont work a day in your life." I knew what it was I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to write for fantasy football. I wanted to live my childhood dream of being like Adam Schefter, and being an analyst. I wasn't like everyone I had been trying to get interested in fantasy because it was who I am. Fantasy Football was no longer that family league that I begged my dad to let me commish at the age of fifteen. It was no longer that family notebok I dived into every day to stat out my players potential. It had grown into something more. It was my passion, my life, and my outlet for creativity. It was where I could morph my thoughts into words, and be myself. As of a year ago I started listening to The Fantasy Footballers podcast on my way to work. It became a way to medicate for my fantasy football illness. If i didn't have my daily dose I was not nearly as excited for my shifts. I commute forty minutes to work every day at a job I have had since I was eighteen. I am now twenty three, and I have worked my way to district manager of four stores in the Tampa Bay Area. Yet in my spare time I fill up on all the football I can get (which is still never enough). I left school early in order to support myself and my wife to be. Yet in the back of my head I have the goal to make my dreams come true. This is my declaration that no matter what discouragement comes my way I will reach to make everything I have ever wanted come true. The Fantasy Footballers have made me realize that this is a real possibility because I connected to their story about how they came about. If I could write for free just to put my name in the ring, and have a ticket to the show would be world changing. I may not have the experience, but I have what NFL scouts can't measure, I have the heart ring that will never let me quit or accept defeat on this. This is my declaration that fantasy football is in me and I can share my thoughts to help others. I am here to write.


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