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Finding Trusted Treadmill Reviews

Updated on May 24, 2012

If you are in the market for a treadmill and you are looking for recommendations, it is important to get advice from a reliable source. If you search online you will find countless treadmill review and ratings sites. You would think, "these are excellent resources that can help me make a difficult decision on which treadmill is right for my body and budget?". However, many of the so-called treadmill review sites are written by individuals who have no experience in the industry and are just looking to make a quick buck by referring their traffic to treadmill manufacturer. Their reviews are basically a rewrite of the content found on the manufacturer's web site. In many cases they have never been on the machine that they are reviewing.

Buying a treadmill can be a confusing endeavor, in addition to the fact that a quality treadmill can be very expensive. It is important to get advice from an expert. Someone that has worked in the industry and is familiar with the equipment and the companies that build them. Furthermore you want advice from an individual that can assist you in matching your fitness goals with the right treadmill. It is important to factor in the type of usage (walking, jogging, running); the physique of the user (height & weight); the number of users: and the features required to motivate.

In addition to getting professional advice you can also get some excellent insight from customer reviews on either or You will often find feedback on company customer service, delivery and assembly. Also, out of the box mechanical issues.

The best type of consumer is an educated consumer. When buying a treadmill search out reliable advice so you end up with a model that is best suited to your fitness goals.

About the Author

Fred Waters has worked in the fitness equipment industry for over 16 years, and previously was the V.P. of marketing for Smooth Fitness. For the last 8 years he has assisted tens of thousands of individuals in buying a treadmill through his popular Treadmill Best Buy Recommendation site.


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    • fitnessmaniac profile image

      fitnessmaniac 5 years ago

      Thanks, reviewing fitness equipment has been my full-time job for over 6 years. I personally travel to many of the manufacturers to get first hand experience of the products I review.

    • fitnessmaniac profile image

      fitnessmaniac 5 years ago

      When considering a treadmill review site check out the background of the author. Quite often there will be no background information, or their background has nothing to do with the treadmill industry.

    • profile image

      southernpines 5 years ago from Southern Pines, NC

      I was recently researching treadmills online and found countless treadmill review sites. This article alerts me to the fact that most are bogus. Thanks.

    • cschoenhals profile image

      cschoenhals 5 years ago

      This article is quite informative. As an exercise enthusiast, I know that fitness equipment can vary greatly in quality and price. When shopping for a new treadmill, it's a good idea to have an expert's opinion and guidance. Otherwise, you just may blow a ton of money on the wrong machine. Fred Waters sounds like someone who knows what he's talking about.