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Firearms Safety 2

Updated on August 23, 2011

Firearms Safety 2

As I stated in my first article I am not an NRA Firearms instructor, but I have spent most of my life around firearms and weapons. For a good deal of my adult life I have made my living with firearms and other weapons as an Infantry soldier and working armed security both commercial and private. I also told how my oldest son understood that guns were something that could injure or kill when he was 4 years old. My younger son and I met when he was 5 years old and his mother & I were friends. He started coming over to my house when his mother and I moved from friends to dating he was about 6 or 7 then. At the time I was working as armed security for commercial and personal protection details. In those days the state of Florida only allowed private security to carry .38 cal revolvers. To reduce his curiosity and also to start teaching him about firearm safety I showed him the revolver and how to unload it. I also impressed upon him that anytime someone hands you a firearm that the firearm should be unloaded and in the case of a revolver the cylinder should be open. In the case of a single action the loading gate should be open with the hammer at half-cock. I let him know that he could see the revolver any time he wanted, but he had to ask to see it. The next 3 times he came over he asked to see the revolver and each time I unloaded it and let him handle the gun teaching him to always treat it as if it were loaded and to never point it at anyone or any animal. His next visit when he asked to see the revolver I simply offered the revolver to him and he looked at me very seriously and reminded me that I needed to unload it first. I thanked him and congratulated him on learning the lessons well. Shortly after that we started his shooting lessons. Now this is just my opinion, but from being a kid raised around guns and learning to shoot at an early age and from raising 2 boys, it seems to me that if we teach our children about firearms and safety from the time that they are old enough to understand Then they will be less inclined to point an empty gun at a friend or relative and then find out that it wasn't empty after all. Children have a drive to explore their world and to try new things, when we tell children that they must not ever touch something, the first chance they get they are going to touch it. If we keep firearms or other weapons in our homes and hide them from the children, they will find them. Which would you prefer a child that knows what a firearm is capable of and knows the dangers of improper use or a child that has only seen them on TV and in the movies. Both of my sons know how to shoot and they are both very good at it. I have a grandson now he's 2 years old and a granddaughter is on the way. I hope that my sons will pass on what they have learned to their children so that they will also be safe around firearms. Also if you want more information about firearms safety for children check out and their Eddie Eagle program. Stop, don't touch, find an adult. My next blog will be a comparison of the M-16/AR-15 rifle and the Ruger Mini-14.


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