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First Triathlon What You Need

Updated on July 20, 2014

First Triathlon

You've decided to complete your first triathlon. Now what? You've maybe even told some friends or family about your desire so now the gauntlet has been thrown or maybe just your kid sister did one last year and your not going to let her show you up.

What is a triathlon? Well, it's a sport combined of three disciplines swimming, biking, and running in that order. It's also a great sport that keeps you in great shape can become quite addictive if you let it. Not to mention the fact that the workout aren't just the same old thing because you are always having to cross train in the other sports. So, runners will get to take a break from just running and try swimming and biking. Bikers and swimmers get to do the same thing. So get your Swim Goggles out and hit the pool if that's the new thing for you or put on your running shoes and hit the track if your a swimmer

Triathlon Distances

The shortest distance triathlons are known as Sprint triathlons. They consist of a short usually open water swim of about four hundred meters a bike leg of about twenty K or about ten to twelve miles and a run of five K or three point one miles.

The longer races are just that, longer the next distance up is the Olympic distance triathlon and the distances for that are a one point five K swim, a forty K bike and a ten K run.

The next distance up is the half Ironman which is a feat in itself I would be proud to say I completed a half Ironman or Ironwoman as it were. The distances of this race are one point nine K swim, a ninety K bike and a 21.1 K run or a 13.1 miles. Wow these distances are getting up there.

The Ironman, the granddaddy of them all. This is the race that a lot of people aspire to and then a lot of people don't want to spend the year it takes to prepare for a race of this distance. So, they mostly race shorter distance races. That is what this hub is going to talk about a beginner preparing for a Sprint triathlon.

Triathlon Training

What You Need For Your First Sprint Triathlon

Sprint Triathlon

As noted above the distances for the sprint tri are pretty short so most people who are in a moderate amount of shape, can within about three or four months following a plan get in good enough shape to complete a sprint tri. The thing about your first race is there is no pressure. Don't worry about winning. Don't worry about coming in last. I know, I know someone has to come in last but hey if seventy five year olds can finish Ironman Hawaii then you can finish your local sprint tri right.

The things you need for the race

1. A bike- any bike your kid brothers bike your mountain bike whatever bike you can beg borrow or steal. No not steal. but you get what I mean. Yes there might be people at your race with six thousand dollar race bikes but this is your first race don't break the bank you might not even like this whole triathlon thing. On the other hand you might get addicted to it and next year show up with a six thousand dollar race bike. I've seen it happen.

2. A Wetsuit if this race is in open water where it is cold definitely get a wetsuit. You want a triathlon specific wetsuit. They are made for swimming more than a surfing or diving wetsuit. Don't go buy a wetsuit you can rent one for about forty dollars on the internet and it will show up at your house in a little box.

3. Running shoes- if you don't have a good pair of running shoes go buy some and get fitted for them you are going to be putting some mileage on your feet.

4. Swim goggles, swim suits etc- buy a couple different goggles and see which ones work as far as fogging up and leaking they are pretty cheap.

These are the Things you need what else you need is a willingness to try new things because you probably will be. You will need a supportive family who will be willing to watch the kids while you workout or willing to put off that night out because you have a race tomorrow. The best way to do this is have your workouts not affect your family by doing them early morning or evening.

Triathlon workout plans. Many books and articles are written on the best plans for training for triathlon. For a sprint you only need about four or five days a week to workout. But check out the different plans online or in the training books available. They will get you from where you are to the finish line and like I said before you will not finish last.

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