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First visit to Citifield

Updated on April 10, 2011

Citi field

Our first game at Citifield

Baseball is a fun game that allows us to get caught up in the excitement and joys of the moment. When our team is winning and the game is full of excitement and the crowd is cheering and the music is playing when our team is scoring there is nothing that compares. This is something I have always enjoyed and I can remember as far back as my childhood when I would go to Shea stadium with my parents and my sisters and just get caught up in the excitement. As we all know our team does not always win but when they do and we are there to see it and be a part of it we feel happy and glad to have been there and share the win as a proud fan.

It is not always we get to remember the very first game we ever saw but I will have the wonderful opportunity of capturing and remembering our very first game at Citifield on April 9, 2011. It was the opening weekend for the Mets and it was the first night game of the season for their 2011 baseball season. I wanted my son to enjoy this moment with his mommy, daddy and grandma. We all were excited going to the ball park and looked forward to seeing the game and the new home of the New York Mets. I still have visions of Shea stadium and the special memories of being there rooting on the teams of the past and the players of the 1969, 1973, 1986 and 2000 teams so this was going to be the start of a brand new experience in my continuing loyalty and love of the New York Mets.

As we parked our car where Shea once stood and walked towards Citifield I was struck by it's beauty and charm. I was living a boyhood dream getting to experience a first again for my favorite team and I was sharing this experience with my son, my wife and my mother-in-law. The Mets had a promotion at this game which was a blue and orange Mets ski hat and we all received one as we walked through the gate. It was a nice gift and one we will cherish and wear many times. Matty looked very sharp with his new hat and Maria looked cute in it also even though she is a Yankee fan.

As I think back to my boyhood and my mother's love of the New York Mets I know in my heart that she would have loved the chance to have seen the new ball park and it would have probably reminded her of her days watching her beloved Brooklyn Dodgers at Ebbets Field. I enjoyed walking through the rotunda in honor of Jackie Robinson and seeing the celebrations in pictures of past Met teams and wished we had more time to experience the exhibits, museums, gift shops and hall of fame in the new ball park before the start of the game. I also thought of my mom as I experienced the beauty and special charm of the ball park wishing she could have been here too.

We took the elevator up to the Promenade deck and walked towards our seats admiring the view of the ball park and the field. I made a mental note of where the concessions were located and how close it was to our seats. When we found our seats it felt good to finally sit and see the ball park and the field. I fell in love with the ball park and although I still have an attachment to good old Shea I was looking forward to the game tonight and future visits here.

It was such a cold night that the hats really came in handy and they are a great accessory to have and a symbol of our loyalty to those Amazing Mets. As I looked out onto the field I saw a sea of blue and orange as everyone seemed to be wearing their new ski hats compliments of Ceasar's Atlantic City and the New York Mets. We were treated to a great game as the Mets took on the Washington Nationals. Carlos Beltran delighted the crowd with his 2 home runs and the pace of the game was quick and the lead went back and forth but the Mets managed to mount an offensive hitting campaign that enabled them to outscore Washington.

The rally cries, the blaring music and the cheers from the crowd were memorable but the most memorable part of the game was seeing the smile on my son's face as he chanted "Let's Go Mets!" He was having a fun time and I was just happy we all could be there together cheering them on and enjoying the beauty of the ball park.

It is extra special going to the game and hearing the song "Take me out to the ball game" in the seventh inning when our team is winning. My son took it all in and even had his moments singing which was great to see. I always enjoy hot dogs at the ball park and certainly made sure I had 2 but instead of a coke I opted for a hot chocolate. Trying to find something my son enjoys eating can be a challenge due to his autism but he managed to snack on treats grandma brought from home and despite the cold enjoyed some ice cream at the ball park.

We sat in the upper level and enjoyed the experience and we sat among great fans who were all enjoying the game and we were cheering each time the Mets scored and the music played. We managed to see a great game and experience a Met victory as well as the Mets won 8-4. It was a fun night and the best part was when my son said "Thank You Dad for a fun time". He still affectionately calls Citifield, Shea stadium as he too remembers the old ball park but he loves the new ball park too. We all do! Here's to many more exciting times at Citifield!

Let's Go Mets!

Edward D. Iannielli III


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