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Fish Surfboards - Buy Retro,Hybrid, Vintage, and Cheap Fish Surfboards Online

Updated on March 14, 2011

What are fish surfboards? Although you may already know - which is why you found this article - It's important to go over the basics. I mean - you might be buying a fish surfboard - so you better know what you're getting into.

What are fish surfboards? Fish surfboards have been around for over 5 decades, first arriving on the surfing scene in the 1960's. The surfboard is created in a fish like shape, with a longer nose section and and a shallow tail section; since they are designed in such a shortboard manner, they are designed for more advanced surfers. They are create for making sharp turns, and performing tricks on bigger waves.

The biggest selling features of fish surfboards is that they provide incredible speed and quality lift; you can pretty much control any kind of wave, from small to big.

Nowadays many surfers opt for riding retro fish surfboards. Retro fish surfboards are almost identical in design to the fish surfboards of the 60's, except are built with better core material, and are much stronger and durable. Also known as vintage fish surfboards, they are a great weapon to have in your arsenal.

Although not used as much, Hybrid fish surfboards are becoming more popular. Hybrid fish surfboards are a mix of retro fish boards and modern surfboards; the result of this combination is a slick, fast board, that is not for beginners.


Retro Fish Surfboards

Like mentioned above Retro fish surfboards are identical in design to the first fish surfboards on the late 50's and early 1960's.  Built in the shape of a fish, Retro fish surfboards are built for maneuvering crisply in the water; they are, also, made from extreme speed and quick lifts, ideal for any pro surfer. 

One of the more popular Retro fish boards is the Dual Fin Hammerhead Fish surfboard.  Deemed a transition board for those who want to change from longboards to shorter, more, advanced boards, the Hammerhead retro board is 7 foot long board that catches waves with paramount ease.   With two removable fins, and built with surfblank foam, this fish surfboard is also great for beginners. 

Other Retro fish surfboards, like the yellowtail, and the Seared Ahi, are built in a similar way, except are smaller and more designed for advanced surfers.  Not as much a transition board; moreover a pure retro fish surfboard. 

Hybrid Fish Surfboards

One of my favorite kind of surfboards is the hybrid fish surfboard. 


Hybrid fish surfboards are wide, stable and fast - the ultimate combo for any surfer ready to take their game to the next level.  It comes with four fins instead of three, the newest surfing innovation, giving you more control (scary precision) with the ability to take on any wave.   The nose is pulled back on Hybrid fish surfboards, making it easier to catch waves, as well as giving you a faster acceleration. 

Other Specs:

  • Epoxy Core
  • Hand Shaped Australian Foam
  • Quad Fins
  • Shallow Fish Tail
  • Pulled Back Nose



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