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Fish Surfboards Hawaii

Updated on November 17, 2010

Fish Surfboards Hawaii

My profile picture is me surfing in Hawaii on a over size fish surfboard ;-) If you are new to the surfing industry then there is a possibility that you may not know what a fish surfboard is. Fish Surfboards are specially shaped surfboards that catch more waves in poorer surfing conditions. They are easier to maneuver and keep up the the curl. Fish Surfboards are not one of the surfboard shapes that have been popular here in Hawaii. The surf is great here most of the time, but even on the good days I am surfing on a Fish Surfboard here in Hawaii.

Why would you use a fish surfboard when it isn't a proven Hawaiian shape? I catch waves sooner, like a longboard. Like I was telling you, On the not so good days there are less people out in the water. The locals don't really enjoy surfing on the crappier days because they are so used to great conditions. I learned from surfing all around the world that in Hawaii even on the days that are considered not that great. Locals wont even have the desire to surf the spot. Break out your fish surfboard and you will find out that you will have a great time. Less crowds ! More waves equals more fun.

On those good days that most people are using traditional Hawaiian shapes, I use a longer version fish surfboard. It works extremely well in almost any condition. I am not talking the North Shore of Oahu. I am talking about the more traditional Hawaiian breaks. Currently I am surfing on the Big Island of Hawaii. The Big Island isnt known for its big surf but we do get 20 ft faces.

This was once considered big surf 20 ft. but not today, I believe I would call it medium sized for Hawaii in general. These 20 footers work well with what I call an over sized fish surfboard. In fact for me I can handle the over size fish surfboard much better than I can handle a traditional longboard in large surf.

So the fish surfboard in my opinion serves many purposed in that You can also choose to ride larger surf with the fish surfboard shape. The most fun I have is surfing days that are considered to be not as desirable by the local crews. I get great satisfaction that I can go surfing with a few guys and girls and not have to dodge crowds just to catch a few waves. As you know it can get crowded over in Hawaii. So many of us have had to invent ways to get out quota of waves.

If you are a young surfer or an old dog check out fish surfboards, many a long boarder has made the transition from longboard to short board by using a fish surfboard. After I bought my first fish surfboard some 15 years ago, the surfers named it The magic surfboard because it improved my surfing so much.

Heres another tip about fish surfboards. I always buy them slightly larger than most people. For example I bought a fish surfboard shaped for a 200 lb guy when I weighted around 160. Yes these surfboards are shaped and are some what smaller that traditional surfboards. But I usually go a bit against the grain Because I want to catch a bunch of waves!

So lets just say I like to surf on a slightly over sized fish surfboard. Because they will catch more waves. Yes I love my fish surfboards, I have other shapes long and short but the fish surfboard keeps on on a wave more often!


Fish Surfboards Hawaii

Surfing Hawaii


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  • Minnetonka Twin profile image

    Linda Rogers 7 years ago from Minnesota

    Great information and great pics and video. I love your profile pic on your oversized surf board. Very cool! I have never surfed but it looks like such a great sport. I am very impressed:)