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Our Fish trip

Updated on September 8, 2014

Our Fishing Trip

Our Fishing Trip

Fishing Tips

Our fishing trip started, with planning the trip.

Fishing trips, are a bit more than throwing your rod into the car and heading for your favorite fish hole. You can do this too, but when you do; something always gets left behind.

  • You have to plan the trip.
  • Are you going to the lake or the local river?
  • Are you taking the boat or fishing from the bank?
  • Will you be out long enough, that you will need lunch?
  • What equipment will you need.
  • What type of bait do you need to pick up.
  • What type rod will you be using, casting, or fly.
  • Who is going on this trip?
  • A lot of things to consider, just to go fishing.
  • And the important one, who bring the beer.

Once you have your planning complete, and your equipment loaded, you are ready to head out.

We desired to go to the lake, so we will be needing the boat and boat motor. We will be out long enough that we will need lunch, if we catch fish, lunch will be fished, but if we don't catch any fish, we packed a sandwich.


It is hard to believe how quiet it is so early in the morning. The quietness is broken only by the boat motor, as we head out into the lake. We have a spot that we usually go in the lake, because we have always caught fish there. We kill the motor and the quietness returns. We set up our rods with the bait we brought, and then we cast out into the lake hoping for that strike. We just sit there in silence, it just so peaceful, just sitting there in the early-morning light. This trip is just with my son (18) Mark and myself. Time goes by without even a bite, except for the bugs. We have never been disappointed in catching fish, but for some reason, this time is different.

Mark, and I disused if we brought the right bait: maybe we should try artificial bait, or maybe this is just not our day to go fishing.

The Time Comes:

You then, get a bit and then another, and the fight are on, the way the fish is running back, and forth; you would think you have a whale on your line. You work him for a few more minutes until you can get him in close enough to get him into a net. Not a whale, but a nice bass, maybe a half pound or so, just right for the fry pans. Fish for lunch, alright!

Sun's Up:

As the sun came up, and it starting to get warm, and the fish just not biting, we desire to move closer to the shore line. There are some down trees in the water and some shade that will help as the day gets warmer. This is where we go when the fish stop biting. The fish seem to like this area as the sun comes up and everything starts to warm up.

Fishing has not been very productive. I am the only one that has to catch anything. As soon as I said this to Mark, then both of our reels start to zing. More fish, a bigger lunch, okay with me. This goes on for a while, a bite here and a bit there, then you catch one, and then nothing. This goes on like this until noon, then everything just stops.

It's about time for lunch any ways, so we head for the shore where we can start a fire, We have six fish, all in the haft pound size. We fig we will cook up a couple and take the others home to share. I would still like to land one more, but the fish gods say NO.

While Mark gets a fire going, I clean up all the fish, in this way, I don't have to do it when I get home. The wife like fish, but doesn't want anything to do with the cleaning part. We sit on the bank and eat our fish and drink a cold beer, could there be anything better; fried fish over a camp fire and a cold beer. Our day ended by catching a couple, more fish and a nice sunburn.

Like Fishing

Like to fish, but don't know what to take as far as equipment. Take a look at our fishing section on our web site

The only way to eat fish!
The only way to eat fish!


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