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Fishfinders - Fixed and Portable

Updated on August 19, 2009

On that next fishing expedition it helps to be able to see all targets clearly - this is often achievable with a high-quality fishfinder model. Fishfinders are able to provide clear and fast information, packed with a full complement of features, to allow an angler to see fish clearly. Today’s' fishfinders are offered in a multitude of designs, sizes and types to suit a recreational to professional fisherman, as well as units dedicated to saltwater or freshwater.

Some of the major features often in seen in a fishfinder include a grayscale or color display, fast screen updates, with deep or shallow water performance. A screen that's easy to read is a major benefit, a dual beam transducer offers that added comfort of being able to see beneath a boat, as well as to the sides, all with a back-up feature to ensure that prior settings aren't lost once a unit is switched off.

A fishfinder can also emit an alarm in certain situations, such as when a battery is running low, areas or deep or shallow water, and a sound for detecting a pre-determined fish size. These sonar devices are seen as a fixed unit mounted on a tilt/swivel bracket or one of the portable fishfinders, each of these have there own positive and negative points.

Lowrance, Garmin, Humminbird, and Eagle Fish all manufacture a series of high-quality fishfinder units -

Some of the popular models include the Garmin Fishfinder 160C which offers a rugged design, a 3.2-square-inch color screen with backlight, able to read up to 900ft in depth, and ideal for recreational anglers intent on fishing in freshwater rivers, and all at a cost-effective price. The Humminbird fishfinder 565 is a compact and affordable unit with the serious recreational fisherman in mind, offering ease in use, a big screen, with heaps of advanced features. In addition, the Lowrance x96 fishfinder is one of the best valued sonar’s for quality fish finding operation at an affordable price.

Fishfinders, as well as an immense selection of boats, parts, accessories can be located at most good sporting goods stores, to marina's and specialized online retailers.

All in all, a fish finder offers an angler an informed adventure on those not relying on such useful technology. Fishfinders serve-up a clear image, with better contrast and separation allowing an angler to locate the ideal spot to make a catch. With a fishfinder offering intuitive operation and minimal buttons, all means that the sonar device requires less time to learn how to operate and more time using it to reap the rewards of fishing.


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