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Fishing Boat In Our Living Room

Updated on February 16, 2012

There's A Fishing Boat In Our Living Room

Arthur Sitting in our Fishing Boat in our Living Room
Arthur Sitting in our Fishing Boat in our Living Room

January 2007. I’m home in Massachusetts, my fiancé yells to me “Hey Marlene check out this 14 foot portable fishing boat that folds into 10 inches flat and holds over 800 lbs, click on this link”. I clicked, lo and behold it’s a portable boat that actually folds into three that you can just toss (ahem, I mean heave), onto the roof of your car and away you go.

We were curious so we investigated the website, and I must say, James and I were very intrigued; since we both love fishing and were tired of just fishing from shore. This fishing boat would take us to more accessible places, but getting one now was bad timing since James just landed a job out of state.

Boat Taking Up Whole Room

James and Arthur in our fishing boat
James and Arthur in our fishing boat

January 2010. Three years later my fiancé is back home in Massachusetts. . . and was invading MY space, (so what if it’s his house)! Anyway, I kept thinking about that fishing boat; gee…it would be nice to explore new fishing honey holes, storing it would be a cinch and winter is almost over.

February 2010. Now I’m getting antsy; spring is coming, if we don’t get that boat now it's going to be too late. I looked at my favorites on my Yahoo page and clicked on the website, I yelled to James "spring is coming what about that fishing boat”?

James said “you know Marlene, I'm home now so we can go fishing all the time, let’s get it, the 14 footer sounds about right, holds 3-4 people plus equipment. We don’t need a trailer to haul it or need gasoline to fuel it, and we can store it in the house since we don’t have a garage, let's get it. Where’s the credit card? And just like that there's excitement in the air.

Boat Opened Minus Seats

Wooden Stick to Keep Boat Open
Wooden Stick to Keep Boat Open

Who's Idea Was This?

March 2010. One month later, the doorbell chimes. An 85-foot long 18 wheeler truck has parked in front of the house, stretching to the end of the block and beyond. We know who it is and we’re excited, but we can't believe they needed that long truck for our small boat. The driver is at the door and is wrestling with a very large, long, 12-14 ft box, and James happily says “oh, this must be our fishing boat?" The driver says “oh no, your boat is still in the truck”.

James and I look at each other in disbelief. The driver says to James “I'm going to need your help getting the boat out of my truck and into your house". A Few minutes later, James and the truck driver re-emerge, struggling to get this even larger and longer box into the house. They barely get the box up the front stairs, and with great effort through the entrance way and into the living room.

Good thing we have a double living room. The fishing boat takes up over 80% of one living room, 'length wise', and with the existing furniture there's barely one foot to spare and it’s not even unfolded yet! James and I look at each wondering. . . hmm, was this the right decision?

Boat Fully Opened

Seats and Oars Attached
Seats and Oars Attached

We unpacked everything out of the boxes, four seats, two metal oars, metal braces to support our trawling motors, screws, bolts and nuts, a wooden stick to prop the boat open, and instructions. Now comes the boat; imprisoned in bubble wrap and encased in a plastic wrapper. Should I say “Plastic for days”... It took a sharp knife and some work, but finally we freed the boat.

At last we get to open our boat, James yells “where’s that wooden stick, let’s open this baby. But after five minutes of struggling, James yells, “where are those instructions”? INSTRUCTIONS say, “The boat needs three days to warm up in order to become flexible before you can open it." It figures: that certainly explains why the boat joints were cold and stiff.

Day three. The Boat opens up and is flexible. Wow this boat is H U G H. Off course it was way bigger than we expected. What were we thinking? How are we going to get this boat out of front door; the boat weighs 140 lbs. First of all, I’m petit and have no upper body strength. Second Arthur, (James’ son) is only 10 years old, and third, James can only carry so much. Holy crap, what are we going to do?

View of Boat Folded

Boat Attached To Car
Boat Attached To Car

Well, too make a long story short, we survived. We made special stands on wheels that the boat sits on, so we can roll the boat to the door and control the direction of the boat upon entrance and exit from our house. What does that mean, WE Don’t Have to Lift the Boat, except one end at a time, what a life saver that is!

The Process from Car to Living Room and Vice Versa

  • The car is positioned at the base of the stairs to our home
  • One end of the boat is swung from the roof top of our car, (car bearing the weight of our boat)
  • Then swung right onto our sturdy fence, (which also bears the weight of our boat)
  • Then swung onto the porch and pushed right to the doorstep
  • The the boat is lifted and placed onto the homemade rolling stands
  • At the same time the rear is lifted off the car and brought up the stairs
  • As soon as possible the rear is placed on its rolling stand
  • Then we wheel the fishing boat right into our living room
  • No one has to bear the full weight of the boat. The car, fence and homemade stands do that for us. James does the rest.

Catching Some Fish and Sun

That's Me Fishing In My Portable
That's Me Fishing In My Portable

What’s So Special About Our Fishing Boat?

First, of all my 14-ft boat fits on anything, even my 13-foot long Yaris; any type of campers, SUV’s, sedans, or pickup trucks, which means we can save energy transporting it, no need for a trailer, or special hitch. Shoot, why you could fit my boat on another boat.

Second, we can take our boat to places that don’t need a boat ramp, giving us access to more, less watercraft-fished local bodies of water that are too small for larger boats to fish.

Third, this sturdy yet flexible boat can’t deflate like most inflatable boats, and sits just 4-6 inches under water in normal conditions.

Forth, it folds up flat, which is real easy for storage, (say, like my living room). We store our boat vertically on its side and sits on the roller stands, so it can practically go against a wall. Shoot, we could hang our boat from the ceiling, but who wants to raise 140 lbs when it sits so nicely on the floor?

Fifth, and very important, it’s very hard to capsize due to its wide beam FlexiHull. This has to be the best folding portable fishing boat we have ever come across.

James and Arthur Catching a Nice One

Just Another Day of Fishing
Just Another Day of Fishing

What's Not So Special?

First, okay…you do have to put the boat together; this takes about 25 -30 minutes with just two of us.

Second, you do have to take the boat apart upon landing on shore, (we make sure we’re on land before sunset); it’s no fun taking the boat apart in the dark and fighting mosquitoes while holding a flash light while looking for the screw you just dropped in the sand.

Third, they claim it seats five; it could, but not if you want to do anything other than sit and enjoy the breeze. There are 4 separate seats, but the last one is small and it would be a very tight fit to get 5; at least two people will be sitting shoulder-to-shoulder. For us, three people is plenty, what with casting, equipment and all. Gives room to move around a bit.

Back To Shore

Boat Fully Loaded
Boat Fully Loaded

Why a Fishing Boat in our Living Room?

Now you might be wondering; why a fishing boat in our living room? Or do we have to walk around it? Or does it match our furniture? Storage space was the issue here, since we don’t have a garage this suited our purposes just fine. No it doesn't match our furniture but that doesn’t matter because you barely notice it’s there.

When the boat is folded it’s only 8.5 inches wide, yes it’s 14 feet long but it sits right behind my couch next to the wall, our guests don’t even know it’s there.

Specs for My 14 Ft Portable Fishing Boat

14ft, (also 8, 10 and 12 foot)
Folded thickness
24 inches
Folded width
8.5 inches
Width (beam) when open
60 inches
Draft (how much is under surface)
4 inches
Depth (midship) (center of boat)
24 inches
Hull weight (frame of boat)
97 pounds
Capacity (person, motor, gear)
807 pounds
Number of seats
4 seats
Number of persons
5 persons (3 for comfort)
Maximum gas engine weight
83 pounds
Shaft length
15 inches
Electric outboard (max size)
Any size
Electric outboard shaft length
30 - 36 inches
Engine capacity
4 - 6 hp
Weight (approx)
140 pounds

You Can Also Use My Boat For:

Rescue boat, used by international water rescue agencies
Scuba boat
Duck boat, hunting
For dog lovers, (puncture proof)
Row + electric boats
Car top boat, (some places only allow car top boats)

This Boat Can Be Used Anywhere

  • Alaska
  • Down South·
  • From rivers, streams to lakes
  • From freshwater to salt water
  • Harbour, used by a crew to paint areas alongside a hull
  • Shipping, used by crews on oil tankers for tank maintenance.
  • To trailer life

Isn't She Pretty?

Back to shore after a rainy day of fishing
Back to shore after a rainy day of fishing

Special Features

  • Comes with bench seats with cup holders
  • Rear motor mount
  • Ultraviolet inhibitor which prevents the sun’s harmful rays
  • Floats in only 4 inches of water, very hard to sink
  • Comes in four different colours
  • Sail kit available
  • Impervious to salt water, sunlight and acid
  • Hard to damage, cannot be punctured (rocks), not like your tin boats
  • Low maintenance, (just needs a wash every now and then)
  • Stores anywhere (excellent if you live in an apartment)
  • Can be rowed, sailed or used with an outboard motor
  • Low cost alternative to having a yacht or an inflatable
  • Allows access to difficult or car top only places

Packed and Ready To Go

Don't Dad and Son Look Cool!
Don't Dad and Son Look Cool!

We’ve had so many pleasant fishing experiences with our boat that words just can’t explain it. This boat is great for its portability, fishability, it’s easy to assemble, very cheap to maintain, great for wilderness excursions, and very sturdy. We love our portable fishing boat!!

Want More Info?

Contact me at

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    • dmop profile image


      6 years ago from Cambridge City, IN

      This is awesome I may have to look into one of these. I can see it now; floating in the middle of the lake catching a breeze blow by with a line lazily tossed in the water. I'm not a real serious fisherman, but I love the serenity of being surrounded by water. Voted up, useful, and awesome.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Awesome story! You're too funny! :-) I didn't realize you guys had so much fun out there! When's the next article coming out? Spring is around the corner!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Great article! The pictures were great and it was nice to get the real deal about portable boats.

    • profile image

      maria baker 

      6 years ago

      Keep it coming. Fishing season is about to start soon. I hope you guys catch more fish to show.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Nicely done, Marlene. You've really captured the essence of the story of how we came to own the boat plus how we use it and and why: both the advantages and disadvantages! It brings back all the memories of getting the boat and a touch of the fun we've had with it since. Getting this boat was one of the best decisions we ever made. Keep writing!

    • MarleneWheeler profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Thank You Samsons1. I'm glad you enjoyed my hub, it was a lot of fun writing the story. Writing is not my forte but I'm learning and really enjoying hubpages.

    • samsons1 profile image


      6 years ago from Tennessee

      Very good read. I felt as if I was there with you. Keep up the good work. Voted up, useful and interesting...


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