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Fishing Down by the River

Updated on December 2, 2012

My husband and I were fishing down by the river which we were doing nearly every evening. We were catching some pretty big catfish at our secret spot. One evening in June we saw something coming down the river pretty fast with the current. We coudn't really make out what it was. Now we saw that it was two animals but still couldn't quite make it out. They were coming our way. I thought it was a small dog and a big dog. I actually thought that the big dog was trying to save the small dog. The day before I watched pet heroes so that is why I thought this. It turns out when they got closer it was a black lab trying to get a baby fawn. The baby fawn was grabbed by the dog a few times and put under the water. The fawn that was half drowned got out where we were as if to say "help". Luckily, there was an eddy and the current just came in where we were. My husband grabbed a big stick and pulled the half dead baby deer onto the shore. He rested and tried to catch his breath. It was so cute but helpless. Now the dog came out and charched toward the deer as if to say "I hunted that and I want it". I quickly grabbed the big stick that we used to pull the deer in and charged towards the dog and yelled, "get out of here". He just stared at me and I am sure thought of just charging anyway, but eventually he left.

The deer was still resting and I made the mistake of trying to put my jacket on it. It got scared and ran into the woods. We don't know if it survived or not, maybe the mother found it. Nevertheless, I wish I had it all on video.


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    • lifegate profile image

      William Kovacic 4 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

      No doubt about it - that would have made a good video. Too bad you missed it, but thanks for being that deer's hero.