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Fishing For Fun!

Updated on October 30, 2010

Why someone would choose to fish? Well, it’s fun. It’s relaxing, gives you a chance to be outdoors, and you can spend time with your friends and/or family at the same time.

Fresh water fishing is done in places like lakes, streams, and rivers. It’s fairly easy, it just requires some patience. Anyone can fish in fresh waters, even children.

If you are completely new to fishing, that’s okay because, it’s fairly easy to learn but, you do have go about taking care of a few things first.

At the top of the list, you need to check the fishing requirements for your state. Most states require a license. You can usually obtain these at a bait shop or, a general sporting goods store in your area. Your children may need a license as well depending on their age.

Next comes purchasing fishing equipment. Nowadays, there are tons of options. Don’t feel too overwhelmed. You really only need the basics. The more you fish; you will eventually want to acquire more equipment but, no need to rush.

You can ask questions; make sure you know how each piece of equipment is used. It’s really easy to get carried away but, again, when you are starting out, you really just need the basics.

You need a fishing rod and reel. These usually come with fishing line already or, you can purchase everything separately (stick with the all-in-one, at first). You may opt to purchase more fishing line, just in case you break your line. You will also need hooks, weights, a bobber is best for beginners, and leads. You also want to get a tackle box of some kind. Gloves are great to have. Some fish are rather prickly and they are also slippery. Gloves make it much easier to hold the fish, while you are removing the hook. A hook remover is also essential.

I used to go fishing all the time with my family but, for years, I had stopped going. I had to upgrade all my equipment and basically start over. What I did was purchase a rod and reel and, then I got a kit. The kit came with all of the essentials, along with lures. So, you might want to consider just buying a full kit like that. This way, you will have several options – several bobbers, hooks of all sizes, a variety of weights, ect. You don’t need an expensive kit to get started.

You may also want to purchase things like bug spray, and hand sanitizer. Fishing can get rather dirty at times and the mosquitoes can be irritating.

If you do not know how to tie a lead and add a hook, just ask anyone at the bait shop or sporting goods store. Make sure you know how to do this. Many times, there are instructions that you will find with illustrations but, sometimes, they are not clearly written and, the illustrations are terrible. It’s much better to have someone show you exactly how to do something.

Where to fish? Ask around. I think it’s best to go to a bait shop and ask. They will know all the local places. You also want to check your state for where you are allowed to fish. Sometimes, you will find that rangers/authorities may give you a hard time if you’re fishing in a certain area. The more random spots you chose, the more you will run into this problem. It’s best to stick with lakes. Rivers are okay to fish in as well but, you will want to have more experience, as the current can cause a lot of issues if you don’t know what you’re doing.

You also want to make sure you have someone to fish with. When you are more experienced, you can fish alone but, it really is best to fish with someone, just in case something happens.

Casting comes with some practice. Don’t worry, even those of us that have been fishing for years, still manage to mess up a cast every now and then. It’s just a matter of knowing when to release. Aim for shady areas, or cast out as far are you can. Keep practicing your casting skills.The best casts are those where your line drops in with little disruption, a tiny splash.

Fishing hooks are extremely sharp. Just make sure you are always aware of what is around you, where you are aiming, where your partner is, ect. Throw your line in with care.

Again, it is best for beginners to use a bobber. When you see your bobber get pulled under, that is the signal a fish is on your line but, you want to wait. Pull on the line just a little bit and if you feel a good resistance, then you can start to slowly reel the fish in. If you have a net, you can use that or, grab your glove and as the fish comes out of the water, pull the fishing rod near you and grab the fish. Remove the hook and measure the fish.

All lakes have size restrictions that are posted at the front of the recreation area. Make sure you know the restrictions and what fish you are dealing with. Oh, yes, you need to know the various fishes so; you can quickly identify what type of fish you caught. You can get a flyer or pamphlet that will show pictures of fish for easy identification, at a bait shop. If the fish is undersized, you need to throw it back.

Fishing can be quite exciting and, even when it’s slow, you can still enjoy being with your friends or family. Enjoy!

Now, if you want to know what bait to use, that will have fish begging for more, you need to check out this site!


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