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Best Fishing Knives for Fresh water Fish

Updated on April 3, 2011

Fresh Water Fishing and Knives.

Besides making and forging knives full time I have always loved fishing, hunting, the outdoors. I have had a fishing pole in my hands since the mid 70's along side my father who showed me this great love for the outdoors.

The picture of me above holding a big small mouth bass taken here in upstate NY back in the early 90's. I can still remember that day as it was a heck of a fight. I caught that fish using a top water plug on one of the hottest afternoon days of the summer. All the conditions were wrong for the fish to hit, but it Hit.....and hit HARD!

One question I will get asked is about "What would be a great fishing or bird and trout knife?"

The design I like has a blade a little over 4" long, handle about the same, coming to a nice point. I like the point for getting in quickly and cleaning out the fish. Thinner spine about 3/32" thick and must be carbon steel. I forge all my knives from it and I love it. Re-sharpens very easy when the time comes and hold an edge for a long time as well. A little mineral oil on the blade when your done cleaning your freshwater fish and your all set.

A good example is shown below.


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