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Fishing Stores – Fishing Reels, Lures and Tackle Online

Updated on June 7, 2010

The Best Fishing Stores Online

Photo of the interior of a Bass Pro Shops
Photo of the interior of a Bass Pro Shops

Enjoy Browsing Fishing Tackle Online

Nearly every rural community has local fishing stores serving the needs of the local fishermen.  While these local shops are a terrific resource they are not usually set up with sites that make it easy to shop a wide selection of Fishing Gear online. Living near Lake Mead, Bass Fishing and Tournaments are a big deal to the fishing community.

This is a brief outline of my Three Favorite Online Fishing Stores where you can get a good look at the available tackle and make online purchases with confidence should you choose to do so!

Bass Pro Shops (

Bass Pro Shops is a Nationwide chain with stores primarily on the East Coast and South East with a store in Colorado, Arizona, Nevada and Two in California. You can request a paper catalog by mail, visit a retail location, or order online from one of the best sporting goods related websites I’ve seen. Bass Pro Shops has a nice Store here… although not very conveniently located.

Cabela’s – World’s Foremost Outfitter

Cabela’s ( – With fewer stores than Bass Pro Shops and a clientele targeted at more than fishing Cabela’s is a terrific experience for the outdoorsman. Cabela’s breaks their site into “Fishing” and “Fly Fishing”. While the overall design is visually pleasing and I really like the way they have larger images of the fishing products.


Orvis ( - is the shop I can remember the most from my youth.  I began tying flies when I was in High School and I remember their graphite fly rods as being what all of us wanted at the time. Orvis is another Nationwide Chain with a strong presence on the East Coast and a few retail outlets on the West Coast. Orvis makes some terrific gear, but be prepared to spend a bit more as they have an established name in the fishing business and command a bit of a premium for their rods and reels. I really like the way they display their inventory of flies online – the photographs are excellent and it’s easy to make your selections.

FYI:  I personally own a Browning Fly Rod… bought it back in my high school days.  They are best known for their guns, but they make an excellent fly rod as well.  Some Browning products are available at Bass Pro Shops.


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