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Fishing Tales

Updated on February 24, 2010

Go Fishing!

The best tip for beginners is 'Don't go fishing alone'! If you don't have any experience fishing can be dangerous. Take someone with you who knows about the area you want to do your fishing. Let that person show you how to be safe while enjoying yourself. Use public piers or fishing spots...anywhere there are other people. Once you get experienced at handling the equipment and navigating the landscapes you can go is one of my most favorite things to do! And I have had several mishaps occur that made me so glad that someone else was nearby to help me!

My Best Fishing Tales

I once responded to my dear church-going sister's invitation to join her for Sunday service by saying..."You know I am on the river every Sunday and being out there in all of that glorious nature is as close to God as one can get...I am going to church...down by the riverside!"

I once had a great passion for fishing. As a child growing up in the country it was a natural pasttime. Mainly fishing small creeks and ponds locally. I continued to enjoy it sporadically as a teen and young adult. But, when I was married to my third husband his love of the sport took my enjoyment of it to a whole new level! We would go to the Conowingo Dam Fishing Pier. At times we would fish from the pier situated right on the dam, mostly though we would settle on the manmade rocky banks of the river. There I would often get mesmerized by the swift currents and swirls of the great waterway. Many times we would be lucky to see the amazing bald eagles that soared above or perched on the electric transmission structures. It was wonderful!

Can you eel it?

So there on the rocks was where my first major fishing tale occurred. My first experience fishing after dark! I heard my husband's reel screaming and he then had a bit of a tussle pulling in the catch. When he finally got it up all I heard was "Oh, shit, it's just a damn eel!" Well I hadn't actually seen one caught before and that thing was having a fit on the hook! Twisting and turning and slimming! Yuk! Suddenly he started slamming it against the rocks, and I squealed at him and said, "Oh my God! are you trying to kill it? Can't you just take it off the hook and put it back in the water"? He said it swallowed the hook and would not survive anyway. Oh I just thought this was so cruel! Pitiful. Well he was finally able to knock it unconscious and get it off the line. I was pretty sullen at the waste of the eel's life, and quietly went back to fishing. My husband then needed to go up to the truck to get something and asked if I would be all right by myself while he went. "Sure" I said. And within minutes of his leaving I felt a big tug on my line! Ooh! I was excited to imagine the striper or catfish that I had! Well after reeling in my prize my excitement instantly plummeted to dismay when I seen that I had a big eel going crazy on my line! Yuk! Oh geez! What to do? I yelled up for my husband but he couldn't hear me. I stood there for a minute contemplating what to do with this thing. All I could think of was getting it off my line, and you guessed it! I started beating it against the rocks! I killed it! And then sat down exhausted just as my husband returned. He could tell that I had just gone through something and said "What the hell happened"? The first thing I did was apologize for giving him a hard time about killing the first eel, then told him my story. He laughed so hard I thought he would fall into the water!

One other night we were fishing in the same spot and my husband caught another eel. He just looked at me, standing about 10 feet away, and started laughing because of previous experience! Well he swung his rod back to get momentum to hit the eel on the rocks and then his reel slipped a bit as he swung and caused the eel to come flying over my way!! I screamed as it wrapped around my leg and I nearly fell in a panic trying to get it off of me! At that moment I hated fishing!

I have just two more fishing tales to share.

I don't like spiders and snakes!

Another place we liked for fishing was the Octoraro Lakes near Oxford, PA. There one could rent a boat to go out on the lakes. These were the flat fishing boats were about 16 feet long with a small electric outboard motor with hand controls. My husband always manuevered the boat, and I would just enjoy the ride! Well, this one particular day we were looking for a good place to stop and fish. We spotted a bare branch near the shore line just under a low hanging tree where we could tie off. As we approached the area I got into my usual position at the front of the boat with the rope. About ten feet from the branch I noticed the tree looking more white than green. My husband continued to slow the boat towards the branch and then I realized what the white stuff was...spider webs! I opened my mouth to yell to him to stop the boat and nothing came out! I waved my hand backwards to get him to stop but it was too late! I went head first into this huge mass of spider webs just as my husband was able to put the boat in reverse. I came out covered with what seemed like hundreds of spiders all over me! I was so frantic I stripped my shirt off in the broad daylight and nearly fell overboard! I screamed as I was knocking the spiders off and my husband was killing the ones running all over the boat! Another day that I hated fishing!

Then again we were out fishing at the lakes, same boat, same scenario exactly. This time as we approached a branch to tie off I made sure to stay away from any low hanging trees! I was never going to go through that again! I spotted a large fallen branch that was clear of low hanging trees and it seemed perfect for the tie off. It was parallel to the shoreline and had a nice bow to it that would be easy to reach the rope around. My husband once again steered the boat slowly towards this branch and I was set up front with the rope. As we got closer I noticed something odd about the shape of the branch. I looked harder and lo and behold there was a snake about four feet long perfectly stretched out along the bow of the branch! Yikes! I yelled back to my husband to stop and this time I was able to scamper to the back of the boat while he threw it in reverse! I had been about two feet from the snake when we went to reverse! A near miss, and another moment that made me hate fishing!

I certainly do have more fishing tales to share, but these were my favorites! Do you have a fishing tale to share? I'd love to hear of them!


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    • GoGranny profile image

      GoGranny 7 years ago from Southeastern PA

      I am glad you were amused Michael! I was hoping to get a few laughs! Thanks for the rate up!

    • Michael Shane profile image

      Michael Shane 7 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

      LOL! to your last comment you made...Snapped the pole ay' These where a joy to read...thanks for sharing! Great hub! Rated ya' up!

    • GoGranny profile image

      GoGranny 7 years ago from Southeastern PA

      Thanks for your comment Ohma! Oh carp can get big! I did snag one once that snapped my pole in half! And it was a good pole with 15 lb test!

    • Ohma profile image

      Ohma 7 years ago

      Very nice Hub. I love to fish and have fished the Susquehanna for many years though never at Conowingo. Further north around Long Level and Indian Steps. We fish for Carp and Cat mostly. Boy the Carp Stories I could tell you. LOL