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Fishing Vacations for Men

Updated on June 29, 2010

Canada is the ideal vacation destination for men who love the great outdoors. Hundreds of thousands of pristine rivers and lakes are ideal for fishing of all kinds. Fly in fishing trips offer a chance to experience remote wilderness, fly fishing offers a chance to develop a unique skill, and a variety of lodging options allow you to customize your trip to suit your individual tastes. Whether you are a fishing novice or expert, Canada’s knowledgeable outfitters and breathtaking scenery offer a once in a lifetime opportunity for a great outdoors vacation.

Fly In Fishing Trips

Fly in fishing offers you a chance to experience natural settings that cannot be accessed by road or boat and fish great untouched waters. Outfitters will provide you with air transport to these areas and either give you a guided fishing trip or leave you there to fish alone. Fly in fishermen often seek walleye, bass, trout, and other species of fish through fly in fishing. The fishing season in Canada runs from May to October, with many people preferring July and August, since the water is typically temperate enough for swimming at this time.

Fly Fishing Trips

Fly fishing is a popular way to catch many popular species of fish in Canada. Salmon, trout, steelhead, and char are all popular choices for lake or river fly fishing. Canada’s swift rivers are particularly great for fly fishing and are considered the best in the world. Outfitters will often provide instruction for people of all experience levels as well as tackle, bait, and even cleaning services for the fish after it is caught. You can choose whether you would like to fish for smaller to medium-sized fish  in shallower channels with slower-moving water or tackle bigger waters for bigger fish.

Lodging Options

Canada’s outfitters offer many lodging options for your fishing trip. Some fly in fishing locations boast luxury accommodations, while others offer more Spartan options for those wishing to get away from television and the internet—Canadian fishing cabins in particular are often organized in a large communal sleeping room with a shower house attached. Of course, there are all sorts of cabins and lodges in between these two extremes for you to choose from. No matter what level of luxury you choose, however, most will provide boat rentals, gas grills to cook fish, and a fish cleaning station to make your fishing trip as convenient as possible. Be sure to choose a lodging option that suits your needs.

Image Credit:  Sam Beebe, Flickr


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