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Fishing changes for catching Crappie During Winter

Updated on August 11, 2010

Fishing changes for catching Crappie During Winter

Crappie fishing is really popular these days especially since the results are quite fulfilling. Also, winter fishing is also becoming increasingly popular. Because much crappie can be caught in winter as well as in other seasons we can imagine why we are faced with so much popularity. Every single angler out there need to remember that there are differences in winter crappie fishing when comparing with other seasons. All is different as this fish will change a lot in temperament in winter. Also, keep in mind that crappie does have one mouth that can easily be torn apart. If you pull your hook harder than needed the fish will escape.

The most important thing that you need to know about winter crappie fishing is where to find the fish in cold water. Even if you will see that location does influence fishing, the basics always stay the same. If you follow them you can definitely find perfect locations to fish crappie in winter.If in the locations where you usually go fishing the water freezes then you need to move towards shallow water right before weather gets colder and right when it starts to get warm again. In the rest of winter you are to find them located in water that are deep and feature vegetation. Sediment build ups are a great place to start looking for crappie and especially efficient when you are dealing with freezing water. Ice fishing stands out as highly popular and much crappie can be caught with this method. As the winter closes in on ending you you will mostly find crappie in the northern areas of lakes and rivers. Murky and dark waters will also heat up a lot faster. You might really want to put some money away and buy one depth finder in order to save time in locating crappies in winter.

Winter crappie fishing is definitely easy. There is no need to use special tackle or even expensive equipment. You can even invest money in better equipment although it is not necessary. If you want to go for some winter crappie fishing you should always remember everything that was written above. Your experience will be a lot smoother this way.


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