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Fishing for Brown Trout: Recommendations for Lines,Lures and Best Baits

Updated on January 19, 2013
A very life like sticker pictured by SignMission available for purchase through Amazon
A very life like sticker pictured by SignMission available for purchase through Amazon | Source

Catching Brown Trout, lures, baits and rod weight

A little insight in to the mind of your prey, understanding where they live, how they live, what they eat and when they eat and are they good eating? Also avoiding becoming a target of the rangers or national parks public servants.

Average Size:

The average size of a Brown Trout varies based on one primary fact, if they are in their natural habitat, in Europe and Western Asia, they grow up to a meter or 39.7 inches long and weigh 18kg or 39.7 pounds.

As they have been introduced in to most other fresh water ways, they grow to about 5-8kg or 11-17.6 pounds.

Minimum legal size: Changes vastly depending on where you are fishing.

Minimum bag limit: Also changes vastly between where you are fishing and some require using common sense.A few words in regards to aid in common sense, it seems to be a fairly common belief that the “farmed trout” doesn’t taste as good as trout which has spawned in a more natural environment. So don’t take all the fish. It also takes about three years for trout to mature and start producing offspring, and they prefer the turbulence of a flood in the winter months. And you thought you had it tough? Although when they do manage to reproduce one female can have 1600 eggs in which she buries in the gravel and the baby trout emerge 6 weeks later.

The Habitat of a Brown Trout:

Brown trout live in a fast flowing (oxygenated), cool rivers, and deep or shady lakes, with a gravel bed. The ideal temperatures for brown trout is 4-19 degrees Celsius or 39-66 degrees Fahrenheit.

What and when do Brown Trout eat:

Brown Trout is a carnivorous fish, eating grasshoppers, minnow, crustaceans, mollusks, worms, frogs, other small fish, leeches and galaxids. In summer, it’s best to go fishing in the cool of the morning or evening when the trout are hunting for food. In the winter feeding swaps to the middle of the day being warmer. Keep in mind their favored temperatures.

Best ways to catch brown trout:

Fish at times when Brown Trout are looking for food. I think they have more going on than checking the fridge every forty seconds.

In temperatures between 4-19 degrees Celsius or 39-66 degrees Fahrenheit

Fly Fishing is the most common way to catch a brown trout:

Using a good rod will allow the fisherman to fish for longer as it is less stressful on the elbow.

Ideal Rod and Gear:

A fast action (which only bends in the top third of the rod), 5-8 weight rod is best, for catching brown trout. The heavier weighted lines, for windier conditions, or bombing the edges of the river to move the fish from under the vegetation out to play, with a fly line (floating line).

Scientific Anglers have fly fishing kit to help the amateur start out or to help teach your young ones how to fish without too much difficulty in changing over the sizing and with three popular lures for bass, bream and trout.

Scientic Anglers also have highly regarded fly line, which if cared for well is considered a good investment and reduces the likelihood of releasing early into the back of your head. This type of line works incredibly well with Nymph flies which are made to resemble insects in the early stages of development after larvae. This can be purchased through the Amazon link.

Rio Grand fly line, is a good line for fast action rods, as it is designed specifically for the fast action line.

Dual tones on the line give the fisherman a better chance at seeing a strike or bite on the line.

Best baits, Lures and Flies

In the day time, the brown trout is very discerning and is not easily tricked by lures, however lure technology has come a long way, and there are some good ones. Although do tempt it with some it actually eats! At nighttime they are more likely to have a go at just about anything.

Nymph flies: (imitation immature insects)

Insects such as midges, mayflies, and terrestrials, real or made in to a lure.

Other highly regarded lures:

Rapala lures are life like, made in the image of minnow, and other small fish, with striking colors to attract the brown trout.

Live Bait:

See how you go putting the trouts favourite foods on your hook: grasshoppers, minnow, crustaceans, mollusks, worms, frogs, other small fish, leeches and galaxids.

Netting the fish:

Check the legalities in the place you want to fish in. Put back what is too small. Nets are for when you are starving and don’t have the energy to fish in a sportsmanlike way.

Seines 4'X 20' Net, a high quality net, water resistant and quick drying, has weights for even spread, black so as not to spook the bait or tip off the brown trout.

Places to find Brown Trout

Most fresh waterways, most any place in the world, too broad?

Walhalla and surrounds: A place where trout hasn’t been introduced since 1962, so should be great eating

Falls Creek: Isn’t that a snow resort in Victoria’s Alpine region? Yes it is. It doesn’t snow all year round and has cool enough temperatures most the year round.

If you would like to see an article on your favourite fishing spot, let me know where it is so I can do it up for you and add it to this list of

Rather catch something else?

Baits for catching Bream, perch


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