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Fishing in Goa

Updated on October 21, 2015
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The writer has been an English teacher for the past twenty-three years and likes to write during her free time.

Fishing in a canoe where River Sal meets the Arabian Sea
Fishing in a canoe where River Sal meets the Arabian Sea
Fishing at the Beach
Fishing at the Beach

Fishing By The Sea

If you like fishing and happen to be in Goa, the most exciting place to be is at an estuary called ‘River Sal’.

How To Get There

It is not hard to reach the place even if you do not have any transport of your own. Take a bus to Betul, in the south of Goa. Get off and walk along the river till you see it meet the sea.

Map of Goa Showing This Spot

Description of the Place on the Map

The place I'm talking about is the area of land directly opposite the peninsula you see at the top of the picture. To your left, is the vast, deep, calm, Arabian Sea. It forms an estuary at the bottom of the peninsula and flows towards your right as River Sal. There is no road leading to the fishing spot. However the bus stop is a five-minute walk from it.

What The Place Is Like

The scenic beauty is captivating. The smell of the sea and the sand, the salt and the fish, is mesmerising. At low tide, there is a tiny beach formed which helps you walk across the huge, hard rocks and get closer to the middle of the sea. Once you get there, all you need is your backpack with snacks and drinks and your fishing gear. You will be amazed to see a whole lot of other interested anglers like yourself, spending hours on those rocks and coming home at the end of the day, tired, hot, sweaty and salty, sunburned, but extremely ecstatic with the best catch possibly imagined. Some of them prefer to remain at the beach to fish, while still others row a canoe out to the place where the river meets the sea and sit in it patiently waiting for the fish to bite.

Every time I holiday in Goa, it is routine to have a small family picnic by the estuary. The whole family places themselves on the rocks for hours, giggling and laughing and yelling at each other to be quiet lest the catch may get away. The round of snacks and drinks never ends, and if the ice cream man happens to pass that way, everyone hollers at him for the contents of the little container on his bicycle. We always return successful and elated at the catch we obtained. Back home, my aunt gets the ‘masalas’ ready to prepare the catch we brought home in the most sumptuous way. Dinner is always traditionally long, with everyone sitting around the table, laughing and screaming and enjoying the fish, particularly since we caught the fish ourselves. Most fish taste best when lightly roasted over an open fire.

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      Joao de Deus Velim 6 years ago

      Indeed, a great experience fishing in that area. During our youth days we spent a week with our maternal grandparents at their "summer" holiday house in that area. We were told that the fish from that area is the tastiest.