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Fishing in Naples: Hook a Snook for a Whale of a Tale

Updated on July 5, 2011

Deep Sea and Backwater Fishing Charters in Naples Florida

If you are planning to visit Naples and wondering if there is any good fishing to be found, I can tell you one thing for sure: Angling opportunities abound in the Naples off-shores and backwaters.

From full-day, deep-sea charters with experienced guides on hand to ensure that your catch of the day doesn't meet the fate of Santiago's great marlin, to the back waters and the graceful art of fly-casting, Naples is the place to be.

Whether you are an experienced angler or a first-time fisherman, the Naples weather, the abundant fish in the Gulf of Mexico and the backwaters, and a terrific selection of friendly and knowledgeable charter service guides combine to make a day spent fishing in Naples one that you cannot miss.

Naples, FL Fishing Charters


The following offer a variety of services, including half and full day deep sea and backwater fishing charters and Naples sightseeing tours.

Naples Bay Marina

1484 Fifth Ave. A.

Day Star Charters
(239) 417-FISH

Sundowner Charters
(239) 777-4304

The Golden Hook
(239) 455-3807

Blue Fin
(239) 353-7030

Naples City Dock
880 12th Ave. S.

Prince Albert Charters
(239) 455-4555

A&B Charters
(239) 263-8833

Saliboats Unlimited, sailboat excursions
(239) 649-1740

Tin City
1200 Fifth Avenue S.

Lady Brett Charters
(239) 263-4949

Retail stores offering fishing rods, clothing, fly fishing equipment, fly casting and tying classes, in addition to guide and charter services.

Everglades Angler
810 12th Ave. S.
(239) 262-8228

Mangrove Outfitters Fly Shop
4111 Tamiami Trail E.
(239) 793-3370

How Big Is Your Fish?

Many world record fish have been caught in the waters around Naples, including record snook and trout. Word around the docks is that the biggest fish in the sea, a whale shark, was recently spotted by a group on a charter fishing boat just a few miles offshore and to the north, estimated to be 30 feet or larger in length (the shark, that is, not the boat).

For most, the name Ahab is not in our ancestry and we're not looking to hook anything in the 20,000 lb. range (quite a chore to fillet). It is for people like us that the expertise of local guides and captains, like Captain Kent of Lady Brett Charters in Tin City and his 18 years of experience, is indispensable.

"The grouper action is really good right now," he recently remarked. "the king mackerel has also been really good lately.

The king mackerel is the largest of the toothed mackerels, sometimes weighing in at more than 100 pounds.

Capt. Kent's father was in the boat business and Kent has been fishing for as long as he can remember.

just down the road at Mangrove Outfitters Fly Shop, owner Capt. Tom Shadley recently spoke to the importance of practice when it comes to fly-fishing.

"You have to learn fly-casting first, otherwise it's not worth it to go out on a boat," he explained. "It's a lot like golf or tennis -- there's a stroke and if you learn it wrong, you're in trouble. You have to learn it right and then practice it."

Shadley remarked that the backwaters were offering very good snook fishing.

"The snook started moving into the back country with the cold snaps," he said.

Across town at Everglades Angler, located on 12th Avenue South near the Naples City Dock, store manager Henley Shotwell said that the Angler offers deep sea fishing charters and back country trips with top-notch guides. They also have fly tying classes with instructor Curtis Grant, host of the program, "Tales of the Everglades Angler."

The Angler also offers classes that cover all aspects of fly-fishing and a full line of equipment and clothing.

Looks Like a Snook
Looks Like a Snook

These Naples Charter Services Will Bring You to the Fish. You Just Have to Catch Them

 Any of these charters can help you identify an amberjack, a black drum, or a pompano while taking you to the snook, redfish, tarpon and grouper. And they'll all bring you back home with a great fish tale to tell.


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      Thanks for stopping by, Alison, glad you enjooyed the hub . . . there is GREAT fishing in Naples!

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      Nice hub!