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Let's Go Fishing!

Updated on March 8, 2015

Sisters catch

Now this is fishing.
Now this is fishing. | Source

Summer Time

As a child one of my dad’s favorite places was Fish Lake in Central Utah. Mom, Dad and my six siblings would go often in the summer.

The thing I remember most about fishing in the lake is we always had our limit of fresh rainbow trout and an occasional Mackinaw (The Lake Trout).

Perch have taken over the lake!

Today things are very different. It could be because I’ve got sixty years older, but in sixty years I’ve seen a lot of changes. Today when we go we catch mostly yellow perch.

Yellow Perch anyone?

One skinny trout and a half dozen perch.
One skinny trout and a half dozen perch. | Source

Family reunion for young families spot.

Because of the memories Fish Lake Utah is still one of our favorite places to go for family reunions. Camping is available with reservations and they have some pretty nice cabins and lodges for the sybarites and old folks. Many of my family like taking their motor homes and trailers but as you see in the picture tents are not uncommon.

Beaver Dam picture

Fish Lake on a clear summer day!
Fish Lake on a clear summer day! | Source

Ahh... The beaver dam.

Fishing today is very different from sixty years ago. You can still see some spots where you see the trout swimming around (usually around a place where spring water bubbles up from below) and it is very relaxing to sit next to the actual beaver dam.

These days you need a fish finder and a boat for best fishing

With the technology available today it helps if you have a boat and a nice fish finder. Then you can not only find the fish, but find out what they are biting and when they are eating by staying at the lake for a while. What a wonderful way to get back to nature.

The problem is the lake is 8,800 foot elevation. That’s a problem for some of our older folks in the family, so only the rugged, young and healthy can make the trip. The water is ice cold and the snow is deep in the winter. Fish lake resorts brag about how nice it is to snowmobile in the winter, but in my way of thinking, that takes away from getting back to nature.

Fish Lake, Utah

8800 foot elevation 1 mile wide and 6 miles long.
8800 foot elevation 1 mile wide and 6 miles long. | Source

Camp out or take your motor home

I am told the lake is 160 foot deep, but there are old timers that claim there are spots that no bottom has been found. The fish lake monster is one of those stories we heard as kids and our imaginations went wild. It’s about one mile wide and six miles long. The lake runs almost North and south and when you have nice weather in the evenings the stars are magnificent. It’s easy to see the milky way and admire the beauty of the mountain tops and lake.

Bowery creek is the northern most campground on the lake and Doctor Creek is the southern most campground and is not on the lake but close. Mackinaw campground is in the middle section of the lake and will support RV’s. We have camped at Johnson creek but you have to drive to the lake from that northern outpost. My favorite is Bowery Creek campground. You can walk to the marina and if you are lucky enough to have an RV you can even put your RV in there for the summer.


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    • profile image

      Linda Schreiber 

      3 years ago

      My first experience of Fish Lake is joining the Pollett/Barney family reunion. Beautiful spot and great campground.


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