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Fitness Bottles for Workout and Sports Hydration

Updated on May 28, 2009

The adult fitness and sport lifestyle has changed over the years. Due to the environment our world currently offers, people are drawn to finding ways to be active physically in order to make up with the stress and exhaustion work has done to us.

Many adults are joining fitness gyms and amateur group exercise activities such as local basketball pick up games, bike runs, and even water aerobics classes to stay active through sports or exercise depending on the preference of the individual.

While some people are bold enough to try out extreme exercise activities such as rock climbing, downhill mountain biking, even jogging with walking stilts, some stay on the traditional track of working out – running ,walking, and going to the gym. Running, is still the preferred exercise of most individual. Since it does not require expensive equipments or eat up a great amount of time, health permitting, running is the perfect exercise for almost all types of people.

Essential for all these activities is for the body to stay adequetly hydrated. For those enjoying an active lifestyle, fitness bottles may be for them.

Stay hydrated before, during, and after working out.
Stay hydrated before, during, and after working out.

Staying Hydrated During Work-Outs

Whatever kind of exercise one chooses; people should keep in mind the importance of hydration while doing the activity. Keeping the body hydrated with water while working out doesn't just makes the body fitter, it makes it easier for the body organs to properly function and do their job. The better the organs are working, the better the work out is benefiting the person.

Staying hydrated during workouts or sport activities also keeps the individual do the activity without feeling nauseated or dizzy. Being hydrated during and for the entire exercise helps an individual last longer than those who wait to quench their thirst after the activity. Hydrating ones body while doing a demanding activity is also a factor in recognizing its success since it helps the individual save enough energy to last longer.

During an exercise, it is important to consume about six cups of water. Of course, this is still dependent on how long the activity will last. Normally, it is recommended to drink two cups of fluid before the activity. For every twenty minutes during the actual activity, it is suggested to drink about four to six ounces of water. And after the activity, it is best to drink another two cups of water.

Fitness Bottles To Stay Hydrated

With this amount of water, it would be better to carry along fitness bottles for the individuals’ convenience. Especially when the activity requires a person to move constantly, fitness bottle enables the individual to do as he is required while keeping hydrated.

There are different types of sports hydration bottles available in the market. These bottles have features that would surely fit an individual’s preference and sports lifestyle. Among the selection offered are hand held water bottles and hip bottle packs. If purchasing a plastic water bottle, ensure that it is BPA free Water Bottle. BPA is a chemical compound that is believe to be harmful. Many older sports water bottles contained BPA. Newer fitness bottles are made BPA free but look for this on the label to be sure. The stainless steel water bottles are also BPA free and can keep water colder, longer.

Hand held bottles usually is angled to make it easier for an individual to grip. Normally, the bottles have indentions to accommodate the fingers of the person for added comfort while drinking. Some bottles have straps to keep it from being misplaced. Recently, bottles with monitors have been introduced in the market to help the individual keep track of their hydration needs.

For people who do not want to carry their bottles along or cannot afford to do so, hip bottle packs or sports hydration systems that are carried on the back like a backpack are recommended. Hip bottle packs are convenient to use since the design usually has body straps. This pack can also accommodate more than one water bottle for individuals that require a lot of water intake.


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