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Five Best Camping Gears Kids Will Love While Camping

Updated on October 27, 2010

Camping is a great time to spend quality time with your kids, especially if you’re prepared with great camping gear specially designed for them. Children are naturally curious and restless so if you’ll be persuading them to drop the remote or their video games, you’ve got to be ready with things that will spark their interest.

Find out about your child’s interests and show them how camping can be a great experience for them by showing them all the things they can do which they will surely love. If your child loves to collect bugs, you’ll find it easy to encourage him about camping by telling him about the diversity of bug life in the outdoors. Take a bug jar with you too for keeping your child’s collection. Some children, on the other hand, like to stargaze. You can tell them about the many constellations and show them during camping. To add to their interest you can also tell them the stories behind them.

To add to the fun, there are a lot of camping gears today that are specially designed for children. The kids will surely love it if you allow them to have their owncamping stuffsince a lot of them love to tinker with things and some even want a little autonomy. Showing them how their camping things work will also allow you some bonding time with your child. Here are some great kiddies camping gears you can give your child in preparation for your camping vacation.

Coleman Kids' Backpack
Coleman Kids' Backpack

Coleman Kids' Backpack

It will be a whole lot easier for you to give your child a good backpack for carrying his stuff rather than keeping it all in your own backpack and having him ask for some of his things from time to time. Letting him have his own backpack will also teach him how to take care of himself and how to be more responsible with his own belongings. Here’s something very durable you can give him. This camping backpack is just the right size for children and is very suitable for rough outdoor conditions. It’s got adjustable straps for growing children and it’s made of tough 600 Denier polyester that can withstand the elements for many years. This bag has a one main compartment for his clothes and bigger items, a side pocket for organizing his smaller stuff and water bottles for keeping his drinks accessible during hikes.

Brunton 9020G Beginner Compass
Brunton 9020G Beginner Compass

Brunton 9020G Beginner Compass

As mentioned earlier, children are naturally inquisitive and they surely love to explore; so even though they generally don’t like being told what to do, they will take pointers for you on this one. This compass is specially designed for beginners with its user-friendly construction, declination adjustment features and inclination scale. It’s got large and clear directional pointers, degree markings and headings. It’s also just the right size your child can handle. It comes in a very visible color and includes a loop which you can attach to a lanyard so your child can wear it and check the device whenever he wants to. Teach your child the basics of surviving and navigating through the wilderness with this device and it’s guaranteed that they’ll enjoy it, especially if they love adventures and making discoveries.

Fox 40 CMG Whistle with Cushioned Mouth Grip
Fox 40 CMG Whistle with Cushioned Mouth Grip

Fox 40 CMG Whistle with Cushioned Mouth Grip

Sometimes, children tend to get too absorbed in their curiosity and wander off. Sometimes, they jus intentionally break your rules. Whatever happens, make sure that your child has this whistle with him anywhere he goes. The purpose of this is so you can always find him easily provided that you teach him to sound it loud whenever you call for him, whenever he needs help or whenever he’s lost. This durable whistle is just the right choice for kids on camping trips because of its high-pitch sound that can reach across long distances. Attach it on a lanyard to be worn by your child so it’s always safe with him; because it’s lightweight, he won’t really mind. This way you can be more confident of your child’s whereabouts and safety.

Carson Hawk Kid's Binoculars
Carson Hawk Kid's Binoculars

Carson Hawk Kid's Binoculars

Binoculars are some of the coolest camping gadgets your child will enjoy. This will allow them to enjoy more of the magnificent views in the outdoors up close. Here’s a pair of binoculars you can give your child. It’s lighter than real binoculars which makes it child-friendly. It measures 2.31 inches long, 4.13 inches wide, 1.5 inches high and weighs only 16 ounces. Your child won’t have trouble having this dangling from his neck. However, just because it’s lighter, it doesn’t mean that there’s less of the fun. In fat, these binoculars feature real 30 mm lenses that provide magnification up to five times. Your child will enjoy using these for spotting bugs, observing birds and watching other great views in the outdoors. These binoculars also come with a pouch for storage and a cloth for cleaning the lens.

Coleman Kids LED Flashlight
Coleman Kids LED Flashlight

Coleman Kids LED Flashlight

Is your kid afraid of the dark and reluctant to sleep on his own? That’s all right, a lot of children go through this phase and he will outgrow this someday. But while he’s still jittery about the night sounds at camp, you can hand him this LED flashlight he’ll love keeping in handy. This flashlight runs a couple of AA batteries and can keep shining for over three hours. That’s enough to get him to sleep as well as help him when nature calls in the middle of the night. It features a white LED bulb that has a very long life and allows this flashlight to provide brilliant illumination. Your child will really thank you for this. Plus, this flashlight includes a lanyard which your child can wear to prevent him from dropping it.


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