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Five Best Camping Lighters That Won’t Fail You While Camping

Updated on September 18, 2010

One of the most important things you have to do when you go camping is to make a fire. A fire is important since it’s what you will need to prepare your food as well as keep you warm at night. It also helps keep wild animals away.

However, lighting a fire outdoors is different from lighting a fire indoors. Out there, you’ve got the wind to knock out the flames. Try lighting a match at an open window, that’s pretty much like it and it isn’t amusing at all. You can try making a campfire with ordinary matches or lighters and count how many times you’ll be swearing from disappointment or you can bring along a reliable camping lighter and let it save your breath.

Camping lighters are thus called because of their qualities that make them tougher in the outdoors. Because the wind there is stronger, these lighters are designed to also work harder against it. Camping lighters generally have solid bodies and strong flames – stronger than your average lighter so they can withstand whatever weather you’ll be facing. These lighters are also more dependable when it comes to camping emergencies.

If you have taken your pick of camping tents, bought the best camping equipment you can find and banked on the trustiest camping survival kits, why settle for anything less than a real camping lighter? Here’s a list of the best camping lighters that you can bring on your outdoor vacation that can really help you build your fire without giving you a hot head.

Ultimate Survival Technologies StrikeForce Fire Starter
Ultimate Survival Technologies StrikeForce Fire Starter

Ultimate Survival Technologies StrikeForce Fire Starter


Bring this lighter with you at any weather and any season. With its special alloy flint bar and thickset steel striker, it is good for thousands of ignitions and is able to give flames that are three times hotter than your ordinary match. You can even trust this to save your life as you can incinerate anything with it. At the base of the StrikeForce is a compartment for a chemical fire starter called Wet Fire. This material will burn even on aquatic surface. Your emergency kit just won’t be complete without it. Plus, the StrikeForce Fire Starter comes in a durable yet lightweight body. This means, you can put it in your backpack or pocket without worrying about it getting damaged or weighing too much.

NIBO - Space 6 Butane Lighter
NIBO - Space 6 Butane Lighter

NIBO - Space 6 Butane Lighter


The Space 6 is the lighter of a lifetime. It’s a head-turner with its one-of-a-kind, mechanical design that just suits its name. It’s got a good grip and great ignition that will make you feel like you’re prepared to light up anything. But it isn’t just something to display as its heavy-duty body is designed for rough conditions. This makes this lighter perfect for taking it along on camping trips. As far as the performance is concerned, the Space 6 lights up with a multi-torch flame for more intense heat. It is wind resistant and adjustable. This way, you can use it for several different purposes – from lighting a cigarette to building a bonfire – and you can still conserve your fuel. This lighter will consume faster than just any other torch lighters and will rarely need a refill.

True Utility Turbojet Windproof Flame Lighter
True Utility Turbojet Windproof Flame Lighter

True Utility Turbojet Windproof Flame Lighter


This camping lighter is equipped with the latest Fire Wire technology that makes it many steps ahead of standard flame lighters. It is guaranteed to light even in the strongest winds so you can count on it whatever the weather. Its flame, powered by butane gas, is adjustable through an adjuster at the base of the lighter. Unlike ordinary lighters, you can use the Turbojet Flame Lighter to light up at any angle so you can use it for lighting barbecues and candles as well as campfires with considerably less chances of hurting yourself. Considering how long you can depend on it, you will rarely need to refill this lighter because of its large tank which stores ample fuel for all your camping needs. You can get all these advantages for just about 4 ounces so you’re not just equipped but also cut down on the weight on your shoulders.

Windmill Delta Stormproof Lighter
Windmill Delta Stormproof Lighter

Windmill Delta Stormproof Lighter

This camping lighter is very efficient it can light up strong flames and at the same time, consume fuel at a slow pace. This way, you can have quick fires with longer use. It can withstand winds that come as strong as 80mph. It is powered with butane gas and can burn for more than 30 minutes per premium butane refill. It has a very readable fuel gauge which will tell you how much fuel you still have in it and enable you to be more prepared. Also, its Piezo electric ignition allows for more than 30,000 ignitions. Aside from the wind, the Delta Stormproof lighter can also withstand wet conditions with its stainless steel wire closure that makes it watertight. The body also has a tough insulated body which can take a lot of impact so you’re sure it’s safe whether you’ll be out camping with just a couple of friends or with the whole family. Also available: colors orange, matte green and smoke green.

Coleman Black Multi-tool Torch Flame Lighter
Coleman Black Multi-tool Torch Flame Lighter

Coleman Black Multi-tool Torch Flame Lighter

This sturdy torch flame lighter is one of the best camping lighters you’ll ever get your hands on. It’s got everything you need in a camping lighter and so much more. This lighter was made for use and abuse with its stainless steel construction and black, rubberized texture. This one’s sure to last long in reliable service. It lights up with a butane-fueled, wind-resistant flame that allows you to bring and use it in any camping condition. There’s also a locking cap for it so it’s much safer, especially if you’ll be camping with the family and bringing children with you. Plus, a whole lot of other features will enable you to save backpack space. This lighter is built with a knife and a saw. It’s also got a can opener for your canned goods. Then there’s also a file included. That’s a high-quality camping lighter with the most used camping tools included.


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