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Five Best Camping Stakes – Better Security for Your Camping Shelter

Updated on October 18, 2010

When we mention the word “camping,” more often than not, the images that come to mind are campfires with marshmallows on sticks melting over them, camp songs through the night and of course, camping tents. Tents are important because they protect you from the strong wind while keeping you warm. They also keep insects outside. An addition, they also allow you to have your own privacy in the outdoors. Your tent is your home-in-a-bag every time you go on camping trip that’s why it’s only natural for you to want to make the best of it.

As much as people do home improvement projects for their domestic convenience, campers also get fine camping gears to improve their outdoor shelters. One small yet very important part of tents are the tent stakes. The stakes are like nails that will be holding your tent securely to the ground. A set of tent stakes along with your camping gears is very important to keep your outdoor house safe and sound.

There are different kinds of tent stakes and they differ in their materials. There are the plastic stakes, wood stakes and metal stakes. Plastic stakes are usually used for family camping trips. They are strong and lightweight. However, if you’re camping in hot or sunny areas, they won’t hold up to temperature and against the UV rays. Wooden stakes are thick and sturdy and usually used for group tents. Stakes made of metal, like aluminum and iron, are excellent choices for camping in sandy regions. They can also be used in clay soil and they can offer more solid hold for your tent. So, it is now up to you which of these stakes you think would offer you more security for you and your loved ones’ tent throughout your camping vacation.

To present to you some of the best stakes you can always count on here are the best suggestions.

Coleman Heavy Duty Tent Stakes
Coleman Heavy Duty Tent Stakes

Coleman Heavy Duty Tent Stakes

These tent stakes come from one of the leading brands in camping equipment. The package contains four durable anodized aluminum tent stakes. Each measures 9 inches long and holds securely in sandy ground. These stakes are designed to keep your tent pitched against aggressive outdoor winds without bending so you stay safe and comfortable inside. You’ll be glad to bring them with you because they’re also reliable when it comes to different weather conditions. Aside from the security they offer, they also provide you with great convenience because these stakes are also easy to drive into the ground. This can help you get your tent set up faster. As all excellent camping items are expected to be, these stakes are also lightweight which makes them easy to bring along.

Ultralight Super Strong Tent Stakes
Ultralight Super Strong Tent Stakes

Ultralight Super Strong Tent Stakes

If you decide to camp somewhere with hard packed or rocky ground, then these are some tent stakes you can depend on. Each pack contains 4 tent stakes. Ultralight Super Strong Tent Stakes are made of high quality aluminum that’s tough enough for vigorous hammering and they drive easily into the ground to keep your tent intact in rough conditions. Its three-sided design and 9-inch length enable it to hold your tent stubbornly to the ground and defy harsh winds without bending. When it’s time to pack up, you can easily take out the stakes with the pull cords in the notches. Take these with you for some hiking and mountain camping for guaranteed shelter security. These tent stakes are also lightweight and they’re great for backpacking because they won’t add much weight to your camping load.

Academy Broadway Cor. 11010 Tent Stakes
Academy Broadway Cor. 11010 Tent Stakes

Academy Broadway Cor. 11010 Tent Stakes

These tent stakes offer superior holding performance when it comes to securing your tent throughout different weather conditions. Each set of Academy Broadway Cor. 11010 Tent Stakes includes three top notch tent stakes designed for your satisfaction. They’re made of durable metal and have a generous length of 10 inches for a stronger hold. Aside from that, they also feature sturdy T-shaped plastic notches that keep your tent in place even in high areas where winds are strong. These stakes are also convenient you can easily drive them into the ground so you can pitch your tent faster and start enjoying the comfort of your camping vacation. And of course, to save you weight for your backpack, these tent stakes are lightweight too.

Replacement Tent Stakes by Black Diamond
Replacement Tent Stakes by Black Diamond

Replacement Tent Stakes by Black Diamond

This tent stake is as hard as its name sounds. Each set of Replacement Tent Stakes by Black Diamond gives you six first rate aircraft-quality aluminum tent stakes guaranteed to give you the convenience you deserve. These remarkably durable tent stakes won’t bend even under forceful hammerings so you have more confidence when it comes to using these when pitching your tent. These 7-inch stakes drive easily into the ground with sharp ends and hold your tent securely to the ground even through powerful winds. You can take these along with you on mountain trips where these will keep you covered on hard and rocky ground. Even with their heavy duty construction, these handy stakes are quite lightweight so they’re perfect for weight cutting backpackers.

10" Galvanized-Steel Tent Pegs - Set of 10
10" Galvanized-Steel Tent Pegs - Set of 10

10" Galvanized-Steel Tent Pegs - Set of 10

Every set of these includes 10 heavy duty tent stakes made of rust-proof, galvanized iron which makes them dependable for different weather. These stakes work well in hard ground and are tough enough to take the beatings of a mallet without bending. They can also be used in other soil types. The sharp points make it easier for you to drive them easily into the ground. For superior holding capacity, they also feature touch PVC T-shaped notches that hold your tent in place and keep you protected against the elements. The notches are also sturdy enough to stay intact while you’re driving the stakes. These stakes are great to have for big tents, the kind you can use for family outings.


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