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Five Best Camping Tent Repair Kit To Secure Your Camping Shelter

Updated on September 29, 2010

Among your camping gear, your camping tent is one thing that gets the most stress: you set them on rough ground against strong winds and lay your weight on them and it carries as well as the weight of many other things inside. This is the reason why they are made from ultra-durable materials. However, this doesn’t mean that tents are immune to damages because there’s nothing like that. That’s why tent repair kits are valuable things to bring along on camping trips.

Camping tents often get torn because most of the times they are being set up too tightly or they are set up on sharp rocks. Because very tight tents provide little flexibility against strong winds, fabrics may tear most likely. So you may prevent tent damages by pitching your tent with just enough rigidity that still allows for some pliancy for the winds. As for the sharp rocks, if you can’t remove them, you may look for them on the ground and put some padding on them before pitching your tent. However, despite these solutions, it still pays to have a little more security because you never know what may happen with your tent anytime.

Like wounds, damages may worsen if left untended. With tents, if incomplete or faulty repair will not be done, those little tears can become major rips so it’s very important to have the necessary materials for remedying tent damages. Basic tools for mending torn tents are usually pair of scissors, a sewing awl, a grommet setter and straight pins to hold the fabric.

Most camping tents are made of canvas, nylon or a combination of both because these fabrics are known for their durability. For canvas tents, the materials you’ll need are a taffeta repair tape and a canvas seam sealer. For nylon tents, you’ll need a nylon repair tape and a nylon seam sealer. For tents made of both materials, you’ll need waxed thread, some scrap nylon screening and grommets.

Here are some of the best tent repair kits to help simplify your search and secure your camping tent.

NRS Tear-Aid Patch
NRS Tear-Aid Patch

NRS Tear-Aid Patch


If you want tent remedies that solve the problem in seconds, this set won’t disappoint you. This set of patches is great for canvas and other materials like leather. It makes repairing easier and faster because all you have to do is peel of the patches and stick them on the torn areas. Each patch is incredibly sticky and made of durable yet flexible material so they’ll hold on to the canvas stubbornly and won’t come off even when the fabric is stretched or subjected to air pressure. The patches are also tough against different temperatures so you can count on them whatever the weather. These patches are both water-resistant and UV-resistant so you can get instant solutions, rain or shine. They won’t come off in water and won’t get softened or discolored by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. These patches are also resistant when it comes to punctures so you not only mend the holes and tears, you also prevent more of them from occurring.

Coghlan's 703 Tent Repair Kit
Coghlan's 703 Tent Repair Kit

Coghlan's 703 Tent Repair Kit


Whether you’ve got a tent made of canvas, nylon or a combination of both fabrics, this tent repair kit will keep you covered – figuratively and literally. For canvas fabrics, this kit includes a couple of 8-inch squares of canvas and a tube of canvas cement. The canvas fabric included is waterproof to protect you more despite the damage on your tent so it’s like you’ve got a tent that’s tough as new. The canvas cement is for reinforcing the repairs so you get flawless protection. For nylon fabrics, this kit includes an 8-inch square of nylon window screen. Other materials included are basics such as thread and a needle. No matter what happens out there; whether it’s hot and sunny or rainy and windy, this kit will make sure you’ve got everything you need for tent emergencies.

RV Camper Awning Canvas Cloth Tent Hole Repair Patch - Tear Aid 6" x 12" Patch A
RV Camper Awning Canvas Cloth Tent Hole Repair Patch - Tear Aid 6" x 12" Patch A

RV Camper Awning Canvas Cloth Tent Hole Repair Patch - Tear Aid 6" x 12" Patch A


Here’s another repair kit that’s specially designed to mend tears on canvas.  It includes a couple of patches both measuring 6x24 inches and three patches each measuring 6x36 inches. Only one can patch can be enough to patch up several holes and tears. All you have to do is snip those scissors and they’ll cut off easily. Each patch is made of superior matte elastomer that effectively stands against abrasions and punctures. They bond with canvas effectively that you can consider them permanent. They’re waterproof and UV-resistant too so they’re effective whether it’s rainy or sunny. They won’t budge even if you stretch the fabric and they won’t get any funny colors on them from sunlight exposure. They’re also transparent so you get fast solutions without conspicuous patches that mark what your tent’s been through.

Kenyon Hiker's Tent Repair Kit
Kenyon Hiker's Tent Repair Kit

Kenyon Hiker's Tent Repair Kit


This tent repair kit is great for nylon tents or tents with nylon parts. It includes two strips of K-Tape Nylon Repair Tape measuring 3x12 inches. These tapes are very aggressive adhesives that bond easily and don’t come off even when you stretch the fabric. They’re instant remedies for those holes that can’t be remedied by simple stitching since you’re outdoors and you need immediate solutions.  For torn parts, this kit equips you with needles in different sizes so you have the right-sized needle for every part of the tent and for your sewing convenience. Also include in the tent repair kit are thread and a tie string as long as 3 yards. No-see-um netting also comes with the package. Everything is lightweight and comes in an easy-to-store zip-lock bag.

Tent Pole Repair Kit
Tent Pole Repair Kit

Tent Pole Repair Kit

Tent poles are important because they provide the frame for your tent. So when you’re thinking of tent repair kits, don’t just think of the tent fabric and leave out your tent’s backbone. Sometimes, your poles can get bent or broken, here’s something to make sure fully prepared for the outdoors.  This kit includes a shock cord that measures up to 10 feet so you can fortify your tent against the wind. Shock cords not only protect your tent poles; they also protect your tent fabrics by preventing tears caused by angry winds. Other items included are some wire, 6 washers and a couple of ferrules to cap pole ends. There’s a lot of wire – 30 inches of it – which you can use for tying poles and other purposes. Get your tent full security with this tent pole repair kit and you won’t ever regret it.


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