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Five Best Mountain Bike Bar Ends

Updated on April 7, 2016

Mountain Bike Bar Ends.

In this article we are looking at the five best mountain bike bar ends. But firstly lets look at why people buy them and what they are used for. And finally there is a video on how you install them on to your bike. This is a very straight forward task but for those who need a little help the video will walk you through it

Why do mountain bikers them and what are they used for?

Bar ends are designed primarily for mountain bikes and touring cyclists. They are a great addition and investment and the main reason people buy them is for comfort. When your going uphill on your mountain bike and you get out of your mountain bike seat it is very useful to be able to move your hands into a better position. Being able to hold the bar ends which are at ninety degrees to your handle bars gives you a better grip position, and this in turn provides improved efficiency while peddling.

If you are planning to fit a pair of bar ends to your touring bike you will find them a great addition for such a small amount of weight. Changing the angle of your riding position by alternately moving from the bar ends to your normal handle bars stops you from getting tired and stiff. Riders who regularly go touring often complain of a sore lower back or pain at the back of their neck or stiff upper shoulders. So being able to adjust your riding position throughout the day will leave you feeling fresher and without those niggling twinges you often get from exercising.

Mountain bike bar ends installation

Press play to watch the easy way to fit bar ends to your mountain bike.

Titec Micros
Titec Micros

Titec Micros

The first pair in the review is a pair of Titec Micros. These are a small short straight bar end and have been included because they are the simplest version and are made from from one piece of 3D forged aluminium.

They are strong, tough and durable. They are very light, the weight of them is only 115g which is absolutely nothing given the advantages you get from owning them. Titec is a well named company that makes good designed and well branded accessories for mountain and touring bikes. To fit them, is simplicity itself you need a 5mm allen key and tighten them sufficiently so they don't slip.

Titec Micros are only available in Black and have a featured logo on the side.

Profile Design Boxer.Available in silver or Black.
Profile Design Boxer.Available in silver or Black.

Profile Design Boxer

Profile Design Boxer bar ends

These are my own personal favourite, having owned a pair for 7/8 months. The profile boxer have it all, light weight, various hand placement positioning, good styling and not a heavy price tag. If you can only afford one pair these are the ones to get. They do exactly as it says on the box!

The distinct advantage of a curved bar gives you the advantage of being able to move your hands to several positions. Because of the extra length the weight of them has slightly increased to 170g. They are made from tough 6061-T6 forged aluminium construction. They are available in two colours, Matt Black or Matt Silver.

I have had these bar ends on my mountain bike for about 7 months now and they are great. They are very sturdy and do not slip on the bars. The finish is also holding up very well. The shape of the bar ends is also great, as this allows for multiple hand positions. A great product for the price.

XLC Alloy Bar Ends
XLC Alloy Bar Ends

XLC Alloy Curved Bar End, Silver

XLC Alloy Curved Bar End.

XLC are a German brand that make quality parts and accessories throughout Europe. Apart from Europe they are well established in the Far East and Australia. The company tries to employ a lot of cyclists who gain first hand experience of there products.The company uses this experience to help develop future products.

These bar ends are made from tough, strong 6061-T6 Forged aluminium. They are relatively light in being only 127g and are 140mm in length.

Ravx Lite X Long Bicycle Bar Ends - CE2K6
Ravx Lite X Long Bicycle Bar Ends - CE2K6

Ravx Lite X Long Bicycle Bar Ends - CE2K6

These are ideal for mountain bikes and tourers alike. They are extremely comfortable and stylish offering the rider many varied positions to place there hands.

The Ravx lite x are the lightest bar ends in the review, weighing only 85g. The Ravx are made from a one piece cold forged aluminium lightweight alloy. They have been designed with an embossed grip pattern with an anodized finish.

They have been chosen for the review because they are the longest in length at 180mm in length. This extra length will give the rider even more choices of where best to place there hands.

A word of caution. With the added length there is a tendency for these to move ( slip ) on your handle bars so remember with the added leaverage that this pair offer so tighten them up sufficiently.

The Ravx have been finished to a high standard and come recommended in any review to regular touring cyclists, complemented with laser graphics to enhance the design.

Pyramid Carbon Fiber Bicycle Bar Ends
Pyramid Carbon Fiber Bicycle Bar Ends

Pyramid Carbon Fiber Bicycle Bar Ends

I have included this pair of Pyramid carbon fiber bar ends not just because they are a short straight pair but because they are the only pair in the review made from carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is being used extensively now days to make components that are both lightweight and strong.

Due to the way carbon fiber is manufactured it often preferred to metal. Components that are made from this material are generally lighter and will not bend. Carbon fiber is now being used in the aerospace industries and competition sports like motor racing.

The Pyramid bar ends are ony 120 g per pair, have a carbon fiber shaft with a bonded alloy clamp to secure it to your bike by means of a allen key.


All the bar ends featured are recommended, they perform well and there aim is to help you adjust your cycling position. So if you suffer on a long tour with an aching back, try a pair of my recommended bar ends from this review.


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