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Five Best Mountain Bike Helmets

Updated on April 6, 2016

Mountain Bike Helmet

This article has been written to show cyclists the best five mountain biking helmets. Cycling helmets are an essential piece of your equipment and should be treated with the same respect as your mountain bike, your bike shoes or any other essential pieces of kit, worn every time you go out. Mountain bike helmets could potentially save your life.

The review concentrates on five of the best open face type helmets, these are specifically made to fit snugly on top of your head with the chin straps securely fastened. Most helmets in this range come complete with a removable sun visor. All the helmets have some type of strap adjustment and come in a range of colours and sizes.

The manufactures of mountain bike helmets in this review who are passionate about their products produce them to a certain international standard reflecting there quality. In the United States market a CPSC ( Consumer product safety commission) mark and CEN mark in Europe meets those high standards. Bell cycle helmets are one of the largest production companies and is one of the leading manufactures in the world. Three helmets from their range are included. A subsidiary of Bell is Giro, Giro mountain bike helmets are a world famous name in cycling helmets and there are two included in this article.

Before you go out on your bike take a minute to look at your helmet and check it for any visible damage. Wear your helmet even on short cycle rides, get into the habit of always wearing it. When you place your helmet on your head make sure the fit is snug and fasten any chin straps securely. Wear your helmet slightly low at the front as this will help protect your forehead. And lastly wear a helmet which has been designed for your activity.

Mountain bike helmets come in many sizes and Colours.

Different sizes, shapes and colours of mountain bike helmets.
Different sizes, shapes and colours of mountain bike helmets. | Source
2012 Lazer Oasiz Lopes Edition Helmet: Black/Green.
2012 Lazer Oasiz Lopes Edition Helmet: Black/Green.

2012 Lazer Oasiz Lopes Edition Helmet: Black/Green 2XS/M Fits 50 - 57cm.

This 2012 Laser Oasiz Lopes helmet has been manufactured by one of the oldest companies that produce mountain bike helmets. That said this is a terrific helmet, striking in green and black. This has been produced for all new "all mountain" activity. The Laser has been built using the latest Rolls system retention system making the Laser Oasiz easy to adjust while your riding. The helmet has been made with 21 vents to help keep you cool while your on the go and also has X-static anti-microbial padding for extra comfort.

The Laser also has a rigidity brace system, the helmet has a low rear end for supporting your head and neck. The helmet weighs in at just under 290 gms in weight. Also checkout the great graphics with high detail Brian Lopez signature. This helmet has been designed for the weight conscious rider who needs a simple helmet, which is perfectly balanced for speed and adjustment.

Bell Alibi Youth Helmet model shown Black with Red Flames.
Bell Alibi Youth Helmet model shown Black with Red Flames.

Bell Alibi Youth Helmet

Bell mountain bike helmets are included in this mountain bike helmets review as they are a leading company, in another review on mountain bike seats this company featured well.  There products have great design features coupled with a strong mountain bike helmet brand.

The Bell Alibi Youth helmet is designed for younger people constructed of an EPS foam layer which has been bonded to the micro-shell in the manufacturing process, making the helmet sturdy and solid. It has an adjustable Ergo-Dial fit system, which can be operated with one hand, providing you with a snug and comfortable fit.

The straps around the ears are easy to adjust with locking levers and has a pinch guard buckle that secures the helmet under the chin, this is specifically designed to stop kids from pinching their necks. The helmet is equipped with a detachable, snap-on sun visor and you are kept cooled by 23 air vents. The Alibi is a universal in size, fitting heads from 19.75 to 22.5-inches (50 to 57-centimeters), and comes in a range of the following colours - Black, White, Black with Red Flames, Pink with Flowers, Silver with Blue Flames and White with Magenta Paisley.

Giro Indicator Sport in Black and Yellow.
Giro Indicator Sport in Black and Yellow.

Giro Indicator Sport Bike Helmet

The Giro Indicator mountian bike helmets gives you great styling with just the right amount of ventilation to keep you cool. This is combined to give a modern design that compliments every type of biker. It's the perfect helmet for riding roads into town and pathways and trails.

This helmet has been made using Giro's moulding construction that welds together the outershell to the crash absorbing inner material. This technique makes the helmet lighter and more hard wearing. It has 20 built in vents which push fresh air in and around the helmet, making for a more comfortable rider. It comes complete with a snap on sun visor.

The Indicator Sport bike helmet is carefully shaped for good looks and design quality with an easy-to-adjust dial fit system. The helmet adjusts between 21.25 and 24 inches--weighs only 0.62 pounds and complies with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's safety standards for bicycle helmets.

The Giro mountain bike helmet is available in 7 colours- Black, Red and Black, White and Silver, Blue, Silver/with ice blue flowers, Titanium Silver and Matte Bronze/Gold.

Giro Venti Bike Helmet
Giro Venti Bike Helmet

Giro Venti Bike Hemet

The Giro Venti is one of the best mountain bike helmets for those people who struggle to find one large enough to be comfortable. The Venti is also one of the cheap mountain bike helmets in this review. But it is still of solid construction and in a recent review this helmet scored 5 stars for safety features.

It has a single hand control adjuster for the straps and comes complete with a fitted sun visor. To keep you cool it has 20 vents. The Venti comes in Black, White and Titanium/ Silver colours.

Giro Xen Bike Helmet
Giro Xen Bike Helmet

Giro Xen Bike Helmet

This is the best Giro mountain bike helmet in the review. The Giro Xen mountain bike helmet is built for all-mountain biking. This mountain bike helmet is constructed with Giro's hard body technology that fuses a tough outer micro shell to the helmet's EPS foam liner.

The process reinforces the areas around the vents and ribs, making the helmet lighter, cooler and tougher. The Xen utilizes Giro's Roc Loc 4 system, which includes adjustments for a tensioned fit and helmet positioning, plus a supple rubber over-molded fit belt for both comfort and stability.

This Giro Xen is one of the best mountain bike helmets 2010. It features a wind-tunnel vent system that combines 17 active vents with internal exhaust channels that force cool, fresh air over and around your head while forcing stale, warm air out. Giro's Xen helmet also has a point of view adjustable visor that is fixed by an internal clutch, which allows 15-degrees of vertical adjustment and prevents the visor from rattling around and coming loose over the roughest terrain.

The Xen mountain helmet comes in three sizes designed to fit your head with comfort and performance . Giro's Xen helmet is very lightweight at 310 grams, and complies with U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's safety standards for bicycle helmets.

All in all this is one of the best downhill mountain bike helmets on sale.

Bell Varient Bike Helmet
Bell Varient Bike Helmet

Bell Variant Bike Helmet

Bell is a leading name and a good manufacturer of mountain bike helmets. That is the reason why more World Champions have worn Bell helmets tah any other make. Surely if it's good enough for a World Champion its going enough for any of you.

This helmet has it all, the Bell Variant bike helmet is a go anywhere, do everything mountain bike helmet. Whether you are on a all mountain terrain or urban cycling, the Variant is packed with features to keep your head safe and in style. Features include an adjustable Twin Axis Gear (TAG) fit system for a superior fit and a sun visor for added style. Fusion in-mold microshell construction and trail-tuned ventilation with 19 cooling vents. Comes in 14 different colours and small, medium and large sizes.

Helpful hints and tips to Remember.

  • Wear a helmet when you ride
  • Wear your helmet low in the front to protect the forehead
  • Fasten your buckle and tighten your chin strap
  • Check your adjustments every time you wear your helmet
  • Inspect your helmet regularly for signs of wear or damage
  • Wear a helmet designed for your activity


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    • profile image

      Jay 6 years ago

      I'd just like to suggest that Everyone who is going to ride off road should wear a full face helmet. My son just lost some or all of four of his teeth on a relatively easy trail ride. Accidents happen - so do rocks! Dental work is expensive, not to mention painful. This could have been much worse, but with a face helmet it would have been a lot better. Guess what he's getting for his 25th birthday?

    • BRIAN SLATER profile image

      Brian Slater 6 years ago from Nottingham Uk

      thanks Jay for your comment- Sorry to hear about your son, wearing a cycling helmet is essential to stop the type of injury your son suffered- a good idea of yours for the birthday present get one from the ones in my hub.

    • profile image

      Charlie 6 years ago

      Good points on the warring of helmets.

      I spend some time at Indiana University in Bloomington Indiana and the past time was bike races.

      What I discovered was all these racers wore protective gear. During the races, there were numerous spills, but no deaths. This was due in part to the helmet protection.

      As a person involved in Public Safety for 30 years, I have seen firsthand the difference that head protection provides.

      CPSC or Snell rated helmets can be purchased for as little as $20.00 and can possibly protect you from brain trauma.

      I also would recommend using protective biking gloves to help prevent road burn if you have a spill.

    • profile image 5 years ago

      I am pleased to say that this blog raises the belief of those reading it. Please continue the good work.Nice information about Five Best Mountain Bike Helmets I really appreciated with it.

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