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Best Mountain Bike Saddle/Seat Bags

Updated on April 7, 2016

Which Mountain bike Saddle Bag should you buy.

In this article we are going to be looking at the five best mountain bike saddle bags. In a previous review we looked at bicycle handle bar bags should you be looking for one of those as well.

Traditionally bicycles from 20-30 plus years ago had only one type of bag to choose from, the traditional saddle bag. But most companies now days offer seat bags as an essential accessory so you can at least carry a spare replacement tube in case of a puncture and a few tools or just the odd personal item.

There are some great value for money mountain bike saddle bags available in every shape and size so getting one will not break the bank. Any cyclist would welcome one as a present for a birthday or Christmas present to enhance their bike.

A saddle bag or seat bag is attached under at the rear of your seat. Very small ones are ideal for road racing bikes and the slightly larger sizes are best for touring bikes and mountain bikes. However most of these in the review are modestly priced so you only have concentrate on which bag is the right one and size for you.

Keeping safe is the first priority so make sure you wear a mountain bike hemet when ever you go out.

Banjo Brothers Deluxe Seat Bag
Banjo Brothers Deluxe Seat Bag

Banjo Brothers Deluxe Seat Bag

This company is from Minneapolis in the United States, a company that started out making accessories with a no frills approach. They make and manufacture great designed bags that are tough, resistant, great looking and innovative. They make bags for the commuter and mountain biker alike with a solid design for today's market place.

This Banjo bag fits against the bottom of the saddle attached by a long strap. It cleverly fits partly right under the seat for a less obtrusive look.  It is made in three sizes, mini, small and medium. All the sizes are generous and the mini bag is big enough for all your bike spare parts, inner tube, tyre levers and keys etc.The exact size of the mini is 5.5" long x 3" in height and 3" in width.  The bags are made from 1680 denier a very tough material which is water resistant . Both the top and bottom are padded for extra support and the interior as 3 separate compartments.

Bell StowAway Bicycle Seat Bag
Bell StowAway Bicycle Seat Bag

Bell StowAway Bicycle Seat Bag

Bell are a great company making new and innovative designs that offer what most cyclists want from their accessories. In several of my reviews I have promoted accessories from this company and if your looking for a great bag that is both tough and functional this is it.

It is an expandable type of bag that is big enough to stuff a raincoat in or keys a wallet and a few spares. There is the added safety feature of reflecting tape across the back of the bag. The bag is convenient because it has two compartments, ideal one for a sandwich and spares in the other. The zips are very smooth to gain access to the bag.

I like this bag because of the wedge shape that fits nicely under the seat, not too big but with enough space.

Axiom Sierra Seat Bag.
Axiom Sierra Seat Bag.

Axiom Sierra Seat Bag

Axiom make cycling accessories from very tough materials that will last for years. It is attached to your bike post or seat with Velcro so it is easy to take with you should you need to. The size of this bag is 7cm wide x 7cm in height and 13.5 cm in length. Slightly on the large size but the plus side is you can take the kitchen sink! It is that big! The bag weighs only just 100 gms so is pretty light for a bag of this size.

The main compartment has been pre- shaped so it stays that way and doesn't fall one side or the other. The outer fabric is made from tough 600d polyester so should be pretty much watertight. Axiom pride themselves on producing bags that exceed European guidelines for low off -gassing- this means the bag should never smell of that plasticky type smell that you often get when opening a bag.

A extra nice touch is the additional reflective tab that you can attach a reflector or rear light to at the back.

Topeak Aero Wedge Pack with Buckle (Medium)
Topeak Aero Wedge Pack with Buckle (Medium)

Topeak Aero Wedge Pack with Buckle (Medium)

The Topeak Aero wedge bag is a solidly well built bag made from1200 denier Cordura, very tough materials. It attaches to the bike with 3 straps giving a rock solid feel to the bag. Even when empty this bag stays where it should. The bag is reinforced inside to help it keep its shape.

This bag is expandable and has a reflective strip across the rear of the bag as well as a loop on the lower portion of the rear to clip a reflector or a light to it. Why all bags don't have this safety feature amazes me.

The interior has a couple of elastic loops across the top, these are useful for holding a tool kit or a tube separate from your other stuff. The opening flap has a small mesh pocket that you can use to hold a card, money or your keys. The opening flap is also gusseted (small flaps on either side that go up approximately halfway), so that you can open it while it's attached to the bike and stuff won't fall out to one side or the other.

The size of the bag (medium) is 8" x 4.5" x 4.5". The weight of this bag is 130 gms.

A true classic bag that will last for ages, made from strong materials.

M-Wave Bicycle Saddle Bag (Clip-On)
M-Wave Bicycle Saddle Bag (Clip-On)

M-Wave Bicycle Saddle Bag (Clip-On)

A straight forward bag that will hold keys, a cell phone or mp3 player and a few spares. This bag attaches to your bike with a clip-on device that fits under your seat and the velcro attaches on your seat post. This facility makes it easy to take your bag with you if necessary. This is a fairly large bag and is one one of those that looks small but holds a lot.

This bag is ideal for just popping down to the grocer store to pick up a few items. The bag is expandable making it ideal to stuff a rain coat in to.

Relective taping has been added and it comes with an extra loop to attach a reflector or rear light to for added safety. All in all a bag that is value for money mountain bike bag.


All in all a wide selection of mountain bike saddle bags. All these bags come recommended so buy any with confidence. You do get slightly better materials on the more expensive ones with some additional features but that is to be expected. But none in this review are very expensive and should be in the reach of most people.


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